Spooktacular Halloween apps for kids

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Everyone loves Halloween, so why not help your little ones get the most out of the holiday with our great list of child-friendly apps that are sure to add some spooktacular fun to their phone! Our list of the best Halloween apps for kids contains something for everyone, from sounds, to games, to backgrounds.

Whether you’re just suggesting some fun options, or you want to download a surprise for them to find on their phone find great options from The Hub.



Download: iOS, Android

Zedge lets you change all notification sounds and ringtones into fantastic Halloween themed sounds. Designed to give you access to thousands of ringtone options, this app is a great choice for any holiday. Pick out some spooky sounds to give a phone a Halloween makeover.

Make A Zombie

make a zombie

Download: iOS, Android

This is a fantastic Halloween app for kids as they can create their very own personalised zombies and share them with their friends over Facebook. With a huge range of options available, this app can create literally millions of unique zombies, letting them create something all their own. Get them challenging their friends for who can make the funniest zombie this Halloween.

Halloween City


Download: Android

This game lets players run your very own Halloween city that they can fill with spooky monsters and their habitats. With functions such as growing spooky jack-o’-lanterns and battle mode where they can make the monsters compete, this is a great game to help them get into the Halloween spirit while satisfying that gaming urge.

The Monsters


Download: iOS

The Monsters, by Tinybop, lets kids easily create silly (or mildly scary) monsters. This is a great app for younger kids that taps into their creativity to let them create their own fun monsters. This app lets them create a truly unique monster of their very own as it has a huge range of options, the ability to stretch or shrink the limbs as needed, and no limit to how much they can add.



Download: iOS, Android

What is Halloween without spooky noises? Find spooky wind noises or creepy abstract sounds to play during your ghost stories to add some real Halloween scare factor. This app features a massive library of sounds and background noise designed for all situations, so if you need to unwind after Halloween this app can help with that too. Perfect to add some ambiance to Halloween games.

Little Witch Planet

little witch

Download: Android

Turn your phone background into an interactive spooky witch planet with three fantastic themed scenarios: the evil forest, infernos, and oblivion desert. This is a really adorable app that really conveys a sense of Halloween fun. Why not download it onto your kid’s phone as a spooky treat this Halloween.

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