Seven-day battery life: coming soon to your smartphone?

iPhone Charging

Imagine not having to charge your smartphone for a week. That’s a full seven days of battery life at your fingertips, without the need to scramble for a charger every single day. It sounds too good to be true. But, rumour has it there’s a company out there working on this very dream. So, who are they, how do they intend on doing it, and most importantly, when will the dream become a reality?

It’s the bane of most smartphone users’ lives – despite the colossal advancements in smartphone technology, battery life always seems to fall short. It seems the more the boundaries are pushed, the less the battery can keep up. Most of us are in the habit of carrying a charger around with us to solve this problem, but it’s about time a more permanent solution was available.

Enter Intelligent Energy…

Intelligent Energy, a UK-based company with over 25 years’ experience behind them, claim they have made a breakthrough in fuel cell design, creating a power source that has the capacity to last an entire week. The catch is, it won’t be ready for at least another two years.

The innovative company believe that fuel cell technology in smartphones is the future, providing consumers with the ultimate freedom to be truly mobile. The idea behind the environmentally friendly technology is combining natural gases – hydrogen and oxygen – to create durable power. The technology converts the gases into electricity, leaving only water vapour behind.

Does the solution lie in a fuel cell?

Word on the street is that Intelligent Energy have been working closely with Apple and have used the iPhone to create a fuel cell solution prototype. The challenge was to create a fuel cell small enough to actually fit inside smartphones, without having to majorly alter the design. The only reported design change needed was the incorporation of small vents on the back of the phone to allow the water vapour out and prevent the phone from overheating.

It seems, then, that Intelligent Energy are almost there with the technology. The challenge now lies in perfecting it for commercial use. A smartphone developer, who wish to remain anonymous, has placed their faith in the company by backing the continued growth of the revolutionary technology to the tune of £5.25 million. This is a pretty strong indication that fuel cell batteries are viable, and it’s only a matter of time before we’ll be enjoying a whole week of power from our smartphones.