Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Note 8


With the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 9 set for release on August 21st, smartphone users are wondering what to expect from the newest Samsung handset and how it differs from its predecessor, the Note 8. To answer these niggling questions, we have gathered all the intel we could to compare the two phones, so you can decide to upgrade or stick with the Note 8.

Samsung Note 9 vs Note 8: In-built Bluetooth stylus

As is the case with most modern smartphones, at first glance, it is difficult to spot the difference between the Note 9 and Note 8. However, looks can be deceiving – as for the first time, the stylus on the Note 9 uses Bluetooth. This means that Bluetooth function operates as a kind of remote for the phone, so users can use the stylus to control music, unlock the phone, skip slides in a presentation or control the camera shutter remotely (which is great for group selfies). This is a step up from the Note 8’s stylus, which can only be used to draw and write.

The Note 9

How does the Note 9 camera compare to the Note 8?

Last year’s Galaxy Note 8 introduced the now-increasingly common dual camera set-up, which is comprised of one standard lens and a telephoto lens that is designed to produce neat portrait photos with the background blur effect. And so, this year’s Note 9 is equipped with two 12MP cameras – one with a standard 26mm focal length, and the other with a 52mm lens for portraits.

The Note 9 effectively has the same camera set-up as the Galaxy S9 and boasts a dual aperture system that can go down as far as f/1.5. This is compared to the Note 8’s aperture system, which has a maximum f/1.7 aperture. In layman’s terms, aperture refers to the how much light cameras can capture, so the lower the aperture, the better. Therefore, the Note 9’s camera will create higher quality photos in low light.

Both lenses on the Note 9 will feature optical image stabilisation (OIS), 2x optical zoom, intelligent scene recognition and a flaw detection tool, which will alert you if you have taken a blurred photo and will enable you to capture a better shot before you miss the chance.

Samsung Note 9 vs Note 8 battery life

Having plenty of new features is great, but most people will agree that a longer battery life will always trump features. Within the Note 9 users will find a 4,000mAh battery, which is 21% larger than the battery inside the Note 8 and 33% larger than the recent S9. According to Samsung, this battery will last all day, with plenty of battery to spare – so you’ll never have to interrupt the fun because of your battery again.

Features for gamers

Samsung has secured exclusive rights for Fortnite on Samsung mobile phones for a limited time, so fans will be excited to hear that many of the Note 9’s features are geared towards mobile gamers.

For one, the Samsung Note 9 is equipped with some of the loudest speakers of any smartphone. They are also tuned by AKG, so users can expect a superior audio experience. While playing Fortnite, you can also rest assured that your phone won’t overheat, thanks to the superior Water Carbon Cooling. Samsung claim that this unique cooling system will prevent slowdown of the Note 9 due to the processor overheating, a common problem with smartphones.

Galaxy Note 9 boasts double the memory of the Note 8

Samsung has given customers the gift of more RAM with their latest flagship – with one of their Note 9’s offering a whopping 512GB of storage and 8GB of RAM. That’s 2GB more than the Note 8, so users can enjoy more storage and faster app loading. The 8GB version also enables users to utilise Samsung’s DeX feature, which allows you to use the phone like a PC when you plug it into a dock or monitor. If you felt so inclined, you could also add a microSD card – expanding the storage to a massive 1TB.

Note 9

Design & Display

If you were to sit the Galaxy Note 9 beside the Note 8, you would notice that aesthetically, the two smartphones look the same. The main difference in design is the Note 9’s larger screen, which is 6’4” and the largest screen ever on a Note phone – compared to the 6’3” display on the Note 8. Both phones feature a Quad HD + Super AMOLED screen and the core design remains the same, however, the Note 9 has no notch and a curvy glass finish.

The Note 9 will also be available in ocean blue, lavender and black, unlike the Note 8, which comes in midnight black, orchid grey, deep sea blue and maple gold.

Comparing the Note 9 to the Note 8, you can easily see that the Note 9 is a step up from its predecessor in terms of cutting-edge features. Stay in the know and preregister for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at Tesco Mobile to get it as soon as it becomes available. Alternatively, check out our Samsung Galaxy deals online.