Road trip checklist: Everything you need for a family road trip

Has Disney∙Pixar Cars 3’s inspired you to hit the road this summer? No matter how far you’re going on your road trip, making sure you’ve got everything you need to keep safe and comfortable is necessary. You wouldn’t go on holiday without your luggage, so why go on a road trip without packing for the journey? Check out our handy road trip checklist to ensure you’ve got all the essentials!

Keeping safe on a road trip

The most important thing about preparing for a road trip is making sure you’re prepared in case anything goes wrong. Make sure you’ve got a first aid kit and an emergency breakdown kit, as well as water and blankets in case you get stranded in a remote area.

If you’re planning on driving for long periods of time, you should factor in time to stop and take rests. If you feel like you need to stop more than you had planned, remember that your safety matters more than your schedule.

Road trip music

Music is a crucial part of any road trip! No matter how long you’re in the car, loading your phone or MP3 player with your favourite tunes is essential.

Keeping your spirits up on the journey can be the difference between a fantastic trip and a miserable one, so make sure you have a playlist of songs that you know everyone will sing along to – Disney soundtracks are a must! Find your favourite on DisneyLife, and with Tesco Mobile, why not enjoy 3 months of DisneyLife on any pay monthly, pay as you go, or SIM only deal?

Little road trip comforts

Keeping comfortable on your trip may not be a necessity, but it will certainly feel like one after a few hours of travel. Pack a cooler or insulated picnic bag to fill with food and drinks to keep you going; you’d be surprised how much better you can feel after a sandwich and cool drink. Similarly, pack a good travel mug so you can pick up coffee and keep it hot as you travel.

A fantastic thing to pack is neck pillow so you can nap comfortably when you’re not driving, and sunglasses are essential on bright days whether you’re the one driving or trying to rest.

Road trip games

Keep boredom at bay with some games perfect for kids and adults alike. Download some trivia apps and games onto your tablet or phone so you can play with together with the whole car, or simply look up some fun quizzes online to pass the time. Disney have a host of quizzes for all ages to put your knowledge to the test.

Keeping connected

Phones and tablets have become so important for road trips. They can be used for directions, finding restaurants and hotels, as well as keeping your passengers from going stir crazy!

Make sure you pack some portable chargers or a power inverter so that you can keep your devices charged and ready to go. Your phone can be a life-saver if you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere.

A great thing to get for a trip is a phone car mount so you can easily use you phone as a sat nav while driving, but make sure to pack some paper maps if you’re going off the beaten track where you might not get signal.

Road trip snacks and drinks

Keeping well-fed and watered is essential to enjoying your road trip. You should always pack a good amount of snacks and drinks to keep everyone going between stops.

Try keeping healthy on your trip with Disney-inspired snack jars that you can prep before you leave. Making these themed is a great way of keeping your kids away from unhealthy food while you travel.

Top tips

Pack a damp washcloth in your cooler if you’re driving into the night for an easy way to wake yourself up after a rest stop. Make sure you wear comfy shoes as driving a long way can be hard on your feet, and if you’re travelling nonstop over multiple days then a new air freshener is a good idea.

Be sure to pack some hand sanitiser for all those service station stops – the last thing you want on a trip is to get sick! It’s also a good idea to bring some paracetamol, as you don’t want to be driving for hours with a headache.

All that’s left to do is pack the car and hit the road!