Rise by 7 for wake-up heaven: early risers happiest and most productive


  • Research shows that those who wake up early and avoid the weekend lie-in are the happiest and most productive
  • Tech-loving Brits prefer smartphones to morning cuddles to wake up
  • Brits say a smile from a stranger and a stress-free commute would help them wakeup better: the network creates world’s two biggest emojis overnight to make commuters smile

Ever wanted to know how to have a happier day and to be one of those people who seem to get all their tasks done with ease? It could be as simple as rising 10 minutes earlier.

Research from Tesco Mobile on 2,000 Brits has revealed that the average Brit wakes up at 7.02am but people who wake up 10 minutes earlier at 6.52am report the most positive feelings about the day ahead. And in fact, those who rise close to 8am are most likely to feel unhappy and unproductive.

Its not surprising that a pleasant wake-up is a priority of many: the results showed that we’re also a population of snoozers and our snooze button obsession means that we doze for an extra 20 minutes a day, wasting a total of 186 days in our average lifetime for an extra dose of shut-eye. Whilst snoozing may seem tempting, hitting the button may actually be slowing us down. Over a third of men and a quarter of women claimed that snoozing made them feel refreshed, but those who identified as the least productive snoozed up to three times.

The survey also showed that tech-loving Brits choose tech over romance – nearly a fifth (18%) would rather spend time on their mobile phones in the morning than give their partners a cuddle. Outlook and email apps are the most viewed first thing after waking but we’ve become a social media obsessed nation – 35% of those over 25 scroll through Instagram and Twitter upon waking up. From transport and weather checks to breakfast inspiration, it would seem that we are a nation whose gadgets are the ultimate wake up, with 20% claiming that using their smartphone in the morning makes them more organised.

When it comes to wishing a better wake-up, 10% of the population simply want a smile from a stranger and a stress-free commute to help them along in the mornings, and so Tesco Mobile created the world’s 2 biggest record-breaking emojis to help them along. The giant crop circle and smiley 100ft field painting were created in West Country fields by talented artists, to grant passing commuters a better wake-up.

Psychologist Dr Rob Yeung comments ‘Whilst it appears that snoozing isn’t helping Brits feel positive about the day ahead, the use of technology in the mornings helps us feel more organised. But it is important to remember that simple gestures like a cup of tea in bed or a smile from a stranger can make Brits wake up to better and prepare them for a productive day ahead.’