Release your inner rockstar with Yousician

If you’ve ever wanted to jam like Jimi Hendrix or shred like Slash, now you can with Yousician. Your very own pocket-sized music tutor, learn how to play the guitar, bass, piano or even ukulele with lessons spanning all levels of expertise.

How does Yousician work?

Going beyond traditional tutorials, Yousician actually listens to what you play through your device’s microphone and provides instant feedback on your progress. This makes it easier to understand where you’re going wrong and keep practising until you nail it. The app guides you through various lessons with hundreds of videos teaching you chords and melodies, as well as how to read sheet music.

Designed by music teachers, you’ll be amazed how quickly you can start playing your chosen instrument. The app also tracks your practice time and accuracy, so you have something to continually improve upon as you go along. To ensure you stick at it, you can set yourself goals and work on beating your personal best.

Why use Yousician?

There’s no shortage of musical apps out there, so what makes Yousician take centre stage? Well, it’s not just self-taught musicians using the app – teachers across the globe use Yousician with their students to advance their lessons.

Yousician helps to keep students engaged with rewarding challenges and an easy-to-use interface, suitable for a variety of ages. You can even get involved in the Weekly Challenge to compete with fellow musicians worldwide and become the best.

Ready to give it a go?

There’s no need for any fancy equipment with Yousician, simply download the app on Android or iOS and get started!