Our Phone of the Year 2016

iPhone 5s

What a year it’s been in the glorious world of mobile technology! Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 with no headphone jack, Samsung released the Galaxy S7 to critical acclaim, and LG revealed the innovative G5 with a removable battery. Let’s not forget the HTC 10 either, which astounded us with its audio quality, and Motorola’s Moto Z that changed the game with a modular design.

You might be surprised to hear that our most popular phone of 2016 isn’t one of the phones listed above; our top phone is the iPhone 5s. It may not be as advanced as its successors, but we – and our customers – agree that it’s an excellent overall phone.

Here are a few reasons why we’ve declared the iPhone 5s our phone of the year:

Design & Build

Apple didn’t overlook a single detail when it came to the iPhone 5s: it’s designed with remarkable precision and built with the highest quality materials. Its two-tone metallic backplate boasts a glass and anodised aluminium finish, providing a corrosion-resistant, protective layer. The ultra-thin screen features Retina display, and the camera lens cover is made from sapphire – a material that’s highly durable and less likely to scratch.

In terms of build quality, the level of craftsmanship that goes into this phone is exceptional.



The iPhone 5s was the first model to feature Apple’s revolutionary fingerprint identity sensor – a form of security intended to provide a convenient alternative to entering a standard passcode or password. Not only does Touch ID add an extra layer of security to your smartphone, it also allows you to authorise purchases and securely access passwords, banking apps, and various other websites and services.


The 5s is powered by the 64-bit A7 processor, meaning it can run complex games and apps at speed. It was also the first phone to feature Apple’s M7 co-processor, which collaborates with the phone’s physical sensors to continuously monitor motion data, allowing for advanced fitness tracking.


Boasting many of the same innovative features as its successors, the iPhone 5s manages to pack a lot of power into a small frame. In terms of quality and affordability, this phone offers an unbeatable overall value – and that’s why we’ve named the iPhone 5s our phone of the year.

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