Ofcom report names Tesco Mobile as the least complained about network in the UK

Last week, Ofcom the UK’s communications regulator, released its latest report, with the aim of shedding light on how we as mobile networks provide service to our users. It set about ranking all the UK’s networks so that you can have a clear way of finding out which network consumers have the most need to complain about.
Ofcom Mobile Complaints Report - March 16
We are delighted to say that Tesco Mobile has, for the seventh consecutive quarter, been named as the least complained about network in the UK. With one complaint every 100,000 customers, this is one way of showing that we practice what we preach when we say our customers really do come first and that you are our greatest priority. This fantastic result follows the news earlier this year our customers were also voted the happiest in the UK according to figures from Network Research.
We have been able to guarantee this excellent level of service through a number of initiatives including Tesco Mobile’s Tariff Promise and our Capped contracts.
We were the first UK network to commit to never raising our customers’ tariff prices mid-contract. This means that as soon as you sign your contract, you can be sure that we will never hit you with a surprise price-hike and throw any of your monthly budgeting off balance.
Furthermore, Capped contracts allow you to take control over how much you spend a month meaning that you can avoid any surprise bill-shocks. With a simple phone call or just by logging into the app, you are able to set a safety buffer and we will text you straight away if you are nearing your limit. It’s completely flexible and can be tailored to your needs so that whatever you are doing, whether that is using more than your monthly minutes or texts or calling abroad, is accommodated for.