New phones: what’s next for 2016?

Friends using smartphones

Part of what makes smartphone technology so exciting is its constant progression. But, while this is great for the industry, it can sometimes make users feel left behind in the fast-paced world of mobile technology. This time of year means a host of new phones are just around the corner, so if you’re due an upgrade or considering a new handset, we’ve put together a list of new smartphones due out in the latter half of 2016 that you should consider holding out for.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Samsung is expected to pull it out of the bag once again with the sixth in its series of phablets, the Samsung Galaxy Note 6. The device is anticipated to be unlike anything Samsung have put out before, with rumoured specs that make it more like a laptop than a phone: 256GB of storage, 6GB of RAM, a 5.8 inch display with 2K resolution, Qualcomm Snapdragon 823 processor and a 4,200 mAh battery. Expected to be out in August, the Galaxy Note 6 is a surprising, but welcomed, contender for your new favourite phone.

Apple iPhone 7

You’re looking at a September/October 2016 release for the Apple iPhone 7 and, if the success of their recent 6s series is anything to go by, this is one to watch out for. There’ll be differences, though, the main one being the rumour that Apple are ditching the headphone jack, an idea more companies are beginning to embrace given the potential to use that space for more battery. As well as this, there is buzz around the new camera, with reports suggesting it will have multiple sensors, allowing for advancement in focus speeds and image quality.

BlackBerry Rome/Hamburg

Following their switch to Android, BlackBerry is going for the ‘two heads are better than one’ approach to their new smartphones, releasing both the Hamburg and Rome handsets this year. Only basic information is available, but the Rome is set to have a Snapdragon 808 chip, 3GB of RAM, high resolution screen and a keyboard. While the Hamburg won’t have a keyboard, it will include a large lower speaker, if leaked images are anything to go by.

Moto Z and Moto Z Force

Say goodbye to the Moto X and welcome in Motorola’s new flagships, due in autumn 2016. A pair it’s too tough to choose between: the Moto Z measures in at a remarkable 5.2mm thick, making it the slimmest smartphone on the market, while the Moto Z Force is the worthy descendent of the brand’s lauded Moto X Force, and it’s just as unbreakable. The spec rumours look good, with 4GB of RAM, AMOLED display and a host of modular accessories to enhance their potential: the JBL Soundboost is the massive set of speakers your Moto has always wanted, while the Moto-Insta Share Projector will allow you to project videos up to 70 inches in size onto walls.