Must-have Android apps

Have you just bought an Android phone? Or, maybe you just want to make sure you are getting the most out of your phone. Either way, we’ve put together a list of our must-have Android apps that you will wonder how you ever lived without.

To be fair to our list, we’ve left off the absolute basics, such as Google Maps, Spotify, Facebook and JustEat. While these are all fantastic apps, we think that since most people will have them already, there’s no need for us to point them out.



These days we have to log in to a huge variety of websites and it is all too easy to reuse your passwords – otherwise, how would you remember them? LastPass is a super convenient app that generates individual passwords for every account or website that you have a log-in for, and best of all, it remembers them all for you!

This app may not be the flashiest, but not only does it save you time typing in passwords, it also greatly increases your security – which is a win in our book.

Pocket Casts

pocket casts

This is a useful app for anyone that regularly listens to podcasts and, in fact, has often been called the absolute best podcast app for Android. The app gives you full control over your listening, syncing your subscriptions over all your devices, and it has some fantastic features, such as the ability to trim silence to cut out long pauses and empty space at the beginning and end of an episode, and the custom skip-intervals that can allows you to skip episode intros.



SwiftKey is designed to make typing on your phone easier – whether you tap or swipe-to-type. The app uses AI to predict what you are going to type and learns your writing style over time for more accurate predictions.

With support for over 200 languages, this is a very versatile app, and its effective autocorrect function makes it a brilliant for upgrading your standard phone keyboard.



This app is the best out there for gathering all of your publications or blogs in to the one place. You can use the app to create multiple feeds on different topics, so that all the latest articles on these subjects come to you, instead of the other way round.

Connected to over 40 million feeds, this app is certain to be compatible with content that appeals to you. Just add the URL of the RSS feed you want to add and it should be right there at your fingertips. Or, you can just search for the name of your favourite blog or magazine and add it to your feed. If you read regularly, about any topic, this app is a must-have.



This app is deceptively simple to use and will give you complete control over your phone. Automate allows you to set up simple rules for your phone to follow, such as ‘when I get home turn on the phone’s wifi’. It works using easy-to-understand flowcharts, but don’t worry if you think you might not be up for a logic challenge, as there are pre-made ones for novices.

This app lets you automate almost anything on your phone – from settings to sending text messages. Whether you think you’ll use it regularly or not, you simply have to download this app to try it out – you won’t be disappointed!

Google Keep

Google Keep

Google’s sleek and trimmed-down answer to Evernote, this app has got to be one of the leading note apps out there. It lets you quickly jot down notes, record voice memos (that it will transcribe for you), share ideas with your friends, set location-based reminders and much more.

If you’re the type of person who writes down a reminder only to instantly lose the piece of paper it was written on, then this app is for you. Whether you are always jotting down ideas, or just need to make the occasional note – this app is versatile and convenient, so you will find yourself relying on it time and time again.