Mobile phone recycling made easy

Thinking of upgrading your current mobile phone? Don’t let your old phones collect dust at the bottom of a drawer – recycling used devices is easier than you think. Whether you’re looking to sell your phone, donate it to charity, or trade it in for a newer model, we’ve outlined four simple ways to recycle your devices.

Try Tesco Mobile’s trade-in service

Tesco Mobile’s trade-in service makes it easy to exchange your old device for cash or vouchers to put toward a new phone. Simply answer a few questions online to determine your phone’s worth, indicate whether you’d like to be paid in cash or vouchers, and send your phone to Tesco Mobile.

If you trade-in online, they’ll send you a pre-paid postage pack (for phones valued under £100), or you can visit select Phone Shops to trade your device in-store. Whether you trade-in online or in-store, you’re guaranteed to receive your payment within one working day.

Use a recycling site like FoneBank

Up to 80% of a mobile phone can be recycled and most are packed with valuable components that can be repurposed, so it’s little surprise that you can get some cash for your recycled phone – even if it’s no longer working.

Have a look at sites like FoneBank and Envirofone and see if you could make some money while recycling your mobile. Rewards vary widely depending on how high-end your phone was in the first place; sometimes the amount is very low, but the process of sending in your phone is generally simple.


Give your old handset to charity

You can also pass your old smartphone onto charities like Oxfam or the British Red Cross. Organisations like these will take old phones and hand them in for bulk recycling, keeping the money they make and putting it towards charitable causes.

Pop into your local charity shop or have a look at the Red Cross or Oxfam phone recycling pages to gift your phone to an organisation that will be able to make good use of your donation.

Sell your phone on an auction site

If your phone is still in good working condition, you could recycle it by selling it on an auction site like eBay. This means that your phone could enjoy a whole new lease of life and there’s a chance you’ll be making someone’s day – everyone loves finding a bargain, and eBay is a great place to find one.

Do make sure you list which carrier you’re with, though, and don’t sell your phone until your contract has terminated.

Some old phones might be worth selling, others you might want to pass on to a friend, but once a phone has reached a certain age there’s one solution that’s far and away the best – recycling. Find the perfect home for your old phone and get the focus back on having fun with the new one.