Mobile phone batteries: how to extend battery life

Does it seem like you’re constantly charging your phone? Maybe you’ve got a spare charger at work, another at home and a portable one in your bag, but you still can’t seem to get a day’s worth of power out of your mobile phone battery? Well, don’t despair – we’ve got a host of simple tips for you to extend battery life on your device here at Tesco Mobile.

Turn off vibrate

Switch off the vibrate function on your smartphone. This is especially if you already have the sound turned on, as the vibrate setting uses more battery life than you might realise.

Switch it off

If you’re not using your phone, turn it off while charging. Your smartphone won’t be using battery while it’s off, so it will charge faster! If you need your phone to be turned on while charging, you can also switch to airplane mode – which will speed up charging and save phone battery life.

Dim your screen

We all love a bright and colourful smartphone display, which lets us view images and stream videos in brilliant clarity – but it can be a huge drain on mobile phone batteries. Where possible, dimming the brightness of your screen can save a dramatic amount of your phone battery life, and you can always turn it back up when you need it.

Keep the timeout short

Whether you’re sending a text, making a call, or browsing the web, your smartphone screen will remain lit for a set period of time after you’ve finished using it. You can minimise this time in your settings menu – in our great Apple iPhone range, it’s under ‘Auto-Lock’ – and this top tip will save you huge amounts of battery life.

Turn off Bluetooth

We love Bluetooth, and it can be hugely useful – but it can be a problem for mobile phone battery. While turned on, it’s continuously running in the background, and using up your battery. So, when you’re not using Bluetooth to wirelessly connect, turning it off is a great way to save some charge. This top tip is also true for your smartphone WiFi!

Close your apps

It feels like smartphones can do almost anything, and the range of apps on offer continues to amaze us. However, apps often continue running in the background even when you stop using them – and this inevitably drains battery life.
When using an iPhone, double tapping the Home button will show you all of your open apps, and you can swipe upwards to close them. On Android, you can save battery by hitting the multi-tasking icon and swiping away unneeded apps.

Disable auto-app updates

It’s great to have the most up-to-date versions of all your favourite apps, but the auto-update feature on many smartphones can use up a lot of battery. If you’re running low on charge, turning off this feature can be a real bonus. Don’t worry though, you can still update your apps manually using the App Store, Google Play, or any other app service.

Turn off location services

Turning off location services, and other similar features, can save you a lot of mobile phone battery. While turned on, this function is constantly running in the background, updating your apps and giving you information based on your location. If you don’t need this service running, turning it off is a fantastic way to keep your phone running when low on battery.

Don’t let it fully drain

Allowing your phone to fully run out of charge puts a strain on the battery, so be sure to charge your smartphone regularly and try not to let all the power drain away!