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Welcome back to the latest edition of our mobile news round-up! This week we’re bringing you news on the Moto G5 release date rumours, Sony’s new camera technology, and the future of mobile waterproof technology. Plus, we’ve got updates on the potential price of Apple’s next iPhone and Samsung’s foldable handset.

Sony’s new camera shoots at 1000fps 

Sony have developed new camera technology allowing their smartphone cams to record at 1000 frames per second. The new sensor takes the two-layered sensor concept that we’re used to and overlays it with a third layer of RAM, allowing the camera to record at a far higher fps. As far as your videos go, this will mean less blurring and stretching when recording fast-moving images. The camera will be able to read a single image in 19.3 million pixels in 1/120 of a second – four times faster than the sensor Sony unveiled just last year.

There’s no news on when, or if, it’ll be coming to future phones, but you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on this new and innovative technology.

A new look at waterproof technology

A report from the International Data Corporation has revealed that liquids are responsible for 35.1% of all damaged smartphones. As a result, manufacturers are looking for ways to improve their devices’ weakness when it comes to water. Phones are currently waterproofed in two ways: mechanical protection – such as a completely sealed unit – or nano-coating, which allows phones to be splashed by rain without any problems. However, industry leaders in nano-coating, P2i, are increasing their barrier game, and they hope to bring us new, improved protection that should be rolled out in 2018.

mobile waterproof-min

iPhone X could cost more than $1000

If you’re excited about Apple’s 10th anniversary phone, you might need to start saving now. Their new phone, which could be known as the iPhone X, is reputedly going to cost more than $1000 (about £800). The high price tag is apparently due to a number of improved features. Apple is looking to upgrade the current LCD screens to a curved AMOLED screen – a thin-film display technology that makes for a brighter and more vivid user experience. Along with the new screen, a better camera, increased memory, and new sensing technology – which allows the phone to react when users touch any side of the device – are contributing factors to the price hike.

Moto G5 release rumours

It looks like the Moto G5 will be available sooner than previously expected. Primarily rumoured to be coming out in March, then May, it’s now touted as being one of three phones launching at the Mobile World Conference at the end of February.

The Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus were released in June 2016, with the G4 Play coming out soon after in August, so it’s exciting to see what Moto have to offer with their new handset. Last year’s phones revealed big changes in design, and leaked images show a similarly ambitious change for the G5 – the main difference being a metal body rather than plastic, giving it a sleek, modern aesthetic.

The foldable Samsung Galaxy X

The concept of foldable phones is one that’s been rumoured for years, but the technology could be arriving sooner rather than later. Recent reports suggest the mysterious Samsung Galaxy X will be foldable – and it could be released by late 2017. Samsung first shared their idea of a foldable phone back in 2011, but six years of innovation means the handset is reportedly ready to be previewed at the MWC in February.

That’s all for this week – we’ll be back next Friday with more updates from Tesco Mobile!

Mobile Phone News