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Welcome back to mobile news, your weekly roundup of everything that’s happened in the mobile world! This week we’re looking at the new leaks and renders of the upcoming iPhones, checking out why it looks like iPads could be getting FaceID, and looking into the Apple Maps revamp.

We’re also investigating the Samsung Galaxy X launch date and why that means the Galaxy S10 might be launching in February, as well as checking out the rumours for the Bluetooth S Pen for the Note 9.

New iPhone leak shows USB-C charger

Newly leaked images show that Apple could be implementing fast-charging right out of the box, with charging cables that are lightening-to-USB-C. While these images are not official, experts are saying that it could be a likely upgrade for the iPhone.


We’ve also seen new renders of upcoming iPhones based off the most credible rumours, so we can get a glimpse into the future. Not only that, but the phones also could be 10% faster – Geekbench tested a model dubbed ‘iPhone 11,2’ and the test showed great performance with 4GB of RAM (compared to 3GB in the iPhone X).


Samsung’s foldable phone looks set to launch in January

According to a well-connected tipster, the iPhone X could be launching in January at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vagas, rather than the Mobile World Congress in February, as expected.

Apparently, this is because Samsung is looking to have the Galaxy S10 on sale as early as February. This also means that the Galaxy S10 is likely to be launching in February at the Mobile World Congress, which could overshadow the iPhone X launch.

iPad might be getting FaceID

According to developer Steve Troughton, iOS 12 is hinting at the iPad offering FaceID in the near future. The developer discovered plans for AvatarKit for iPad when working with a beta version of Apple’s upcoming update.

AvatarKit is the tech behind Apple’s new Animoji software that allows for personalised emojis uses face-tracking. That fact that Apple has developed a software version for iPad strongly implies that they are planning on equipping newer models with FaceID hardware.

iPad FaceID

More details emerge about the Galaxy Note 9’s Bluetooth S Pen

More details have emerged on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s connected S Pen, which could be designed as a remote control for the phone. According to a well-known leaker, the upgraded S Pen will be Bluetooth connected and allow users to pause and skip when playing music – as well as having the ability to act as a trigger for the camera – for taking group photos from a distance.

Alongside this new feature, the phone is rumoured to have a massive 4,000 mAh battery, an in-screen fingerprint sensor, and a huge 6GB of RAM.

Apple Maps set for revamp to compete with Google Maps

Apple seems set on overhauling their problematic Apple Maps, which initially saw some locations marked on the wrong continent when it first launched. Apple looks like they are refreshing the design and interface, as well as trying to create a smoother experience, so Apple Maps will be less reliant on third parties, such as TomTom.

Apparently Apple has been working on these improvements for the last 4 years and is hoping to create “the best map app in the world.” However, it won’t be launching globally for quite a while, so you might want to hang onto your Google Maps app for the time being.

That’s everything for this week’s mobile roundup! Don’t forget to check in next week for all of your mobile industry rumours and updates.

Mobile Phone News