Mobile news: what happened this week?

Mobile Phone News

This week, roaming charges in Europe getting taken away, a new dual screen phone prototype appears, Apple has a secret health team and we’ve some updated news on the Galaxy Note 8.

EU roaming charges are gone for good

Until very recently it was normal for people to either expect to use their phones incredibly sparingly abroad, or rack up a massive bill due to the ever present roaming charges. What are roaming charges? Simply put, they’re what extra your carrier charges you for using your phone in a foreign country, and they’ve been the bane of many a holiday maker.

No longer though, at least in Europe, as of the 15th of June roaming charges have been officially outlawed. Now you can use your phone anywhere within the EU and it’ll be the same as if you were using it at home. So instead of knowing any text home or quick Google is going to cost an arm and a leg, now you can get on with the important stuff like uploading all your beach selfies without a care in the world. Find out more about Home From Home at Tesco Mobile.

Screens on both sides of your phone?

Dual-screen phones have always been much more of a cool idea than a practical one. There’s something inherently sci-fi about being able to check your phone on both sides, but in reality, it’s just another screen to worry about cracking.

That doesn’t stop manufacturers trying to make it work though, and recently anzhuo.cn leaked images of an unfinished prototype from Chinese phone maker Meizu.

From what we can see, they’re going for something between the small ticker screen that LG had on the V20 , and the full screen back of the Yotaphone 2. Details are sparse, but they point towards Meizu wanting to use an e-ink screen to save on battery. Again, it sounds like a good idea, but whether it works, only time will tell. What do you think? Do you want two screens on your phone?

Apple want your phone to be your doctor

Okay, not literally. Don’t worry, your Apple phone isn’t going to start sprouting needles any time soon. This is all about having your medical data available on your phone so that you don’t need to explain what’s wrong with you when you go to the doctor, you just hand over your phone.

This is the goal of Apple’s secret health unit team who have been working with developers, doctors and hospitals from across the US to try to create a service where you have all your essential health data on your phone, ready to share easily with those who need it.

The idea is to make it easy for your doctor to see the essentials of your clinical data, even if you can’t describe what’s wrong, what medication you can’t take or if you have any underlying conditions. Apple’s goal in all this, is to stop the fragmentation of health data across multiple services and make it easy for individuals to get the care they need.

No word if they’re planning to bring it to the UK yet, but if they do, you’ll be the first to know.

The Galaxy Note 8

After the well-documented failure of the Note 7’s batteries last year, there were those who were wondering if Samsung would even continue the Note line of phones. Despite those worries, Samsung did indeed soldier on, and not too long ago announced the Note 8.

Details on it are still kind of loose at the moment, but one thing is almost definite, it’s going to be released this autumn, with the smart money being on them trying to pip Apple’s launch of the 7S to the post.

The Note 8 has a lot to live up to.  Despite its flammable demise, the Note 7 was a fantastic phone when it was working properly, and Samsung will want to make sure that the next Note in line will continue that trend.

And that’s us, another exciting week of developments in the mobile world. Come back next week for more news, info and developments at Tesco Mobile!

Mobile Phone News