Mobile news: what happened this week?

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Mobile news: what happened this week?

It’s the end of the working week, so it must be time for our weekly mobile news round up!

Today we’ve got all the info on the newly-launched Samsung Galaxy S8, intel on Facebook Messenger’s new Live Location feature, plus, we’re looking at Siri’s updated operating system and exploring the leaked patent for a new iPhone case.

Samsung Galaxy S8 details

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has been long-anticipated, and its launch this week allowed eager fans to learn more about what to expect from this new device.

Key new features include Infinity Display that wraps around the phone, which is curved by default; a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor; and a refined user interface with smoother fonts, cleaner menus, and premium navigating symbols.

iOS 11 could feature a hyper-intelligent Siri

There’s no shortage of smart assistants to choose from, and competition to continually innovate and advance has never been more essential.

While Apple were quick off the mark with Siri, the advent of Google Home and Alexa means there’s always new work to be done. However, it looks like the tech giant is pulling all the stops out with its latest operating system update, iOS 11. Using its AI intelligence, rumour has it that Siri will be able to anticipate your actions and learn your behaviour over time. Linking your phone with the other Apple products you own, the learned behaviour will be tied to users and not just devices. Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June will bring more light to the speculations, but it’s something to anticipate until then.


Let friends know your live location with Facebook Messenger

A new feature from Facebook Messenger allows users to share their live location with friends for up to 60 minutes.

In iOS and Android, turn on Live Location by selecting either the Location icon or More icon, then tap ‘location’. Your current location will appear on a map with the option to share it with others. A clock lets you see how long your location will be live, but you can also stop sharing whenever you want before the hour is up.

Facebook’s Live Location is being rolled out just a week after Google Maps shared a similar feature, although theirs is without the 60-minute time limit.

New air-tight iPhone case patent

A new patent shows that Apple has its eye on continually developing cases as well as its phones.

Apparently, the new iPhone case will help to make your device significantly more sturdy and durable. The case’s main feature is an air-tight seal, with an up-to-date detection mechanism that lets users know when their phone is completely secure. The patent shows a design in three parts: the bottom part covering the back of the phone, a silicon sealing element, and a latch on the case’s rear that locks everything in place.

The case is said to be designed not only for the clumsier iPhone user, but for those who live and work in extreme conditions.

That’s all for now – be sure to check The Hub next week for more updates.

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