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It’s time for another issue of our mobile news! This week we’re looking into the iPhone X production to see whether it can meet demand, examining the new patent filed for the Samsung Galaxy X, and keeping up-to-date with the Android Oreo roll out. We’re also looking into the expansion of the Google Lens feature to more smartphones.

iPhone X production ramps up with Apple denying loss of Face ID accuracy

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has claimed that Apple has fixed supply issues with components that have been holding up production. This has sparked rumours that Apple has compromised the accuracy of Face ID in favour of faster production, but Apple strongly denies that this is the case.

Google starts rollout of Google Lens

Originally only available on the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL, Google Lens is a new feature that is built into Google Photos that allows your phone to identify what you’re taking a picture of. Users on the original Pixel and Pixel XL have reported that the new feature has appeared on their phones in what could be the first steps of a larger rollout.

This feature lets you know the names of landmarks in your photos or possibly what flower you have just taken a picture of, but this is just its early form. We’re expecting Google Lens to let you connect to wi-fi by pointing the camera at the login details, call numbers that you’ve written down, and more so we’re very excited to see that it is spreading further afield.


google lens

Android Oreo roll out reaches Sony Xperia

Android Oreo was released for Google’s own phones a little while ago but has yet to reach the majority of smartphones yet. This week the Sony rolled out the update to their Xperia XZ starting in the Middle East and following in Hong Kong and Taiwan. We expect to see this update hit the full Xperia range soon.  Meanwhile, Samsung has let slip plans that they will begin introducing Oreo to their top-end smartphones in early 2018. Though there is no word yet on which devices will be affected it’s likely the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 will be among the first to get this update.


Samsung files patent for upcoming foldable phone

Samsung has filed a patent for their long-anticipated foldable phone, dubbed the Galaxy X, but it looks very different than anticipated. Reminiscent of the old-style flip-phones the phone seems to be designed to keep all the benefits of a traditional smartphone but take up less space in your pocket.

This is just a patent and the final design for the phone could look very different so there could still be the possibility of book-style designs that have the huge screen that a lot of people have been craving.


That’s all the mobile news for now. Remember to check back for more mobile news and updates next week at Tesco Mobile!

Mobile Phone News