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Mobile Phone News

Welcome back to another edition of our mobile news! Apple, Samsung, Nokia and Motorola have all got us talking this week. From camera upgrades to providing the slickest screen possible, you’ve got a lot to look forward to when choosing a new phone in the near future. Not only that, Ticketmaster is making paper tickets obsolete and Facebook wants to help you find Wi-Fi in any nook or cranny across the planet.

Nokia smartphones are getting flashy new cameras

With so many brands focusing on giving you state-of-the-art cameras on your device, it won’t be long before the next epic blockbuster is shot entirely through a smartphone lens.

With the goal of improving picture quality and giving the user an all-round superior image experience, Carl Zeiss and HMD (licensing Nokia) are teaming up so you can achieve a better selfie. Motorola is upping their camera game too, with their new MotoMod including a 360-degree camera.

It’s not mobile news without some iPhone 8 rumours

With a new video leak of the iPhone 8 prototype, Appleheads are buzzing about what the new model will feature. Along with the possibility of an edge-to-edge screen and AR features, we’re expecting a 3D sensor camera to be incorporated. How’s that for a 10th-anniversary upgrade?

The new camera is thought to be a replacement for touch ID and scan your face to unlock your device and confirm transactions. We’ve yet to hear if this feature will include a reset option, lest we age, take to cosmetic surgery or get into a bar fight. The 3D technology is thought to offer more security than previous similar technologies, so 2D photographs cannot be used for access in place of a real face.

Ticketmaster’s new audio signals prove your name is on the list

The brand that gets you into the biggest gigs in the world is all about saving the trees with its latest offering. Keeping tabs on your keys, phone and wallet can be a little taxing; add remembering your ticket to the mix and it can get a bit hectic. Fear not, as Ticketmaster is introducing a whole new method of gaining entry into venues.

Partnering with Lisnr, it has developed an ID system that proves you have paid your way by emitting a unique, ultrasonic sound from your phone. The system is being rolled out slowly, expected to be fully incorporated in all Ticketmaster venues by 2021.

Facebook will help you find Wi-Fi

Important events happen every day; that croissant you ate and needed to share, that cream cheese bagel you ate and needed to share, and don’t forget that pizza you ate and needed to share.

Facebook is making it even easier to post about these milestones by introducing a new feature called ‘Find Wi-Fi’, which as the name suggests, enables users to locate hotspots through its app. The feature will be available around the world very soon, allowing you to find free Wi-Fi courtesy of local businesses.

Samsung is building the world’s largest OLED factory

Hand-in-hand with camera upgrades come screen upgrades and Samsung is committed to giving you an epic display. The company is reportedly planning to open an entire factory dedicated to building OLED displays. Although plans are to be confirmed, the factory is thought to become the largest that produces this type of technology.

As Samsung is likely the lead competitor to offer OLED displays for the iPhone 8, as well as being a supplier for many other mobile phone brands, this new factory is considered a reactionary measure to deal with the demand for this highly desired feature. If you thought people were glued to their screens before, just wait until OLED displays take over!

That’s all we’ve got for you this week! Be sure to visit The Hub again next week for the latest mobile news from Tesco Mobile.

Mobile Phone News