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Welcome to the latest edition of our weekly mobile news round-up! This time we have all the latest on the new Nokia 3310, what to expect from Facebook Messenger’s new emoji reactions and a confirmation of the Google Pixel 2. As well as that, we have the latest on both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the new iPhone.

Nokia 3310 makes a triumphant return

This year’s Mobile World Congress revealed one surprising new release that has set retro phone lovers abuzz – the Nokia 3310. Renowned as the world’s unbreakable phone, its resurgence is causing a stir, and at a rumoured price of £40, it’s easy to see why. Perfect as a back-up phone, or to use when camping at summer festivals, it offers the very basics, but has retained that long battery life. The word on a release date is solely ‘Q2’, so that’s the April to June period – just in time for holidays.

Google Pixel 2 to be released in 2017

Senior Vice President at Google, Rick Osterloh, revealed at MWC that the tech giant is to release a second Pixel device this year. He confirmed that the Pixel will remain a premium product and that rumours of a cheaper version were unfounded, stating Google are happy to allow other companies to fight for lower-priced supremacy. Although there was no suggestion of when we should expect the new Pixel, the camera and the chipset designs are rumoured to have been notably upgraded, and it may even go waterproof.

Facebook Messenger App

Facebook Messenger testing dislikes

There have been calls for and against a ‘dislike’ button on Facebook for years, and those in its favour are soon to be very happy indeed. Facebook is set to start trialling new ways to react in the Messenger app, including an emoji range and a dislike button. Rather than courting the controversy that surrounds dislikes, Facebook maintains its purpose is just to convey a ‘no’ response to something that has been said. Facebook will be rolling the scheme out gradually depending on positive feedback, so keep your eyes glued to Messenger to see when it comes to you.

iPhone 8 name rumours

Alongside the annual upgrades expected from Apple, the release of a brand new iPhone is also being touted. A premium model, referred to as the iPhone 8 or iPhone X previously, may actually be called the iPhone Edition, named to correspond with the Apple Watch Edition. More specific details about the model are on the down-low, but it should be in the five-inch range, and it’s suggested that the phone will have a dual lens camera, a Lightning connector and wireless charging.

LG G4 and V10 to receive Android Nougat

LG confirmed at MWC that it would indeed be introducing Android Nougat to the G4 and V10. The announcement comes after an outcry to LG’s original plan to cease operating system updates on both phones. Many claimed that it wasn’t fair for the Nexus 5X, which was released around the same time, to receive Nougat while the G4 and v10 did not. LG did not confirm when the update would be available, but it’s likely to be mid-2017.

That’s all from us this week – be sure to return to The Hub next week for all the latest mobile news, rumours and updates from Tesco Mobile.

Mobile Phone News