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The sun is shining and the weekend is fast approaching, which can only mean one thing – it’s time for our weekly mobile news round-up. This week, we’re talking about new research for treating diabetes via mobile phones, the surprising decline in iPhone sales, updates on the OnePlus4, and rumoured release date for Samsung Pay in the UK.  so let’s get started!

Research suggests that smartphones could control diabetes

Scientists in China have released research that reveals that smartphones can be used to control living animal cells. This technology could help patients to better regulate blood-sugar levels and may eventually be extended to treat various diseases.

Essentially, normal cells are genetically engineered to manufacture drugs to control blood sugar levels via a device implanted under the skin. The device is activated by exposure to LED lights and a smartphone app. Scientists have already successfully regulated the blood-sugar levels in mice with diabetes and are now undertaking further research to apply these methods to humans.

While this technology is still far from being able to treat humans, it does suggest exciting developments within the area of smart cell-based therapies and could mark a new medical era.

Apple experiences surprise decline in iPhone sales

This week, Apple released its sales results for the first quarter of 2017, which revealed a 1% decrease in sales from the same period in 2016. Tim Cook (Apple’s director) blamed this result on customers’ anticipation of the soon-to-be-released iPhone 8.

Overall, Apple achieved worse than expected results for this period with only a 4.6% increase in revenue. These comparatively negative results prompted a 2% decrease in shares following a record high based on expectations of better results.

Increased revenue from Apple Pay, iCloud, and the App Store helped to slightly offset these results. While all is certainly not lost for the smartphone giant, the release of the iPhone 8 will undoubtedly have a big impact on the company’s financial future.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay UK rumoured to appear in May 

While Samsung released its smartphone-based contactless payment platform in August 2015, it has not yet been released in the UK. However, it may finally arrive as Samsung customer care reps have reportedly leaked information that it is set to be released on May 16. This information remains unconfirmed with Samsung representatives refusing to confirm or deny the statement.

When it does arrive, Samsung Pay will compete with other already established smartphone payment platforms like Apple Pay and Android Pay. As both platforms already have a stable consumer base, Samsung Pay may struggle as a late arrival. But, one unique advantage is that Samsung Pay will come pre-installed on Samsung devices, which means that Samsung users will have direct access to the app.

The hottest OnePlus4 leak: enhanced images with dual-lens camera

The hottest leak on the highly anticipated OnePlus4 provides us with more in-depth information about its imaging functions. While we’ve previously heard about the rumoured dual-lens camera, according to new information the camera will have two 12MP lenses.

One lens will have an RGB sensor that captures colour, while the other lens will only capture black and white. These two lenses will create higher contrast images with more light and less noise. While this information remains unsupported, it does provide previously unheard information that might provide insight into what we can expect with the OnePlus4.

That’s it for this week’s round-up! Make sure to check-in next week for more mobile news from Tesco Mobile.

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