Mobile news: what happened this week?

Mobile Phone News

It’s the end of another week and time for another edition of mobile news at The Hub. This week find out about Google’s newly launched ARCore, our latest news on the iPhone 8 launch, and the updates we’re expecting to see from the iOS 11. We’re also looking at the hints the Apple might be bringing back Touch ID in a new innovative way and how the Xperia XZ Premium is set to incorporate 3D scanning.

iPhone 8 launch updates

Apple has sent out invites as usual to their annual autumn event and it is set for 12 September, exactly the date that the rumours have been saying will be the launch of the iPhone 8. The launch event is set to be held at the Steve Jobs Theatre, however the date is not set in stone just yet as apparently the theatre isn’t actually finished yet.

We expect to see the launch of the iPhone 8 with a vertical dual lens camera, 3D facial scanning, and all-screen front, as well as the launch of the 7S and 7S Plus which we’ve heard may be similar to the iPhone 7 but with a glass design for wireless charging.

Google launches ARCore to rival Apples ARKit

Ahead of the iOS 11 launch that is set to bring Apples augmented reality (AR) kit to millions, Google has announced their ARCore. Based on the work they did with the Google Tango project. This AR developers kit is incredibly exciting because it doesn’t need the expensive multi-camera set up like the previous tech.

Able to function with just a single camera this software looks like it’s going to become incredibly widespread, and Google said in their official statement that their aim is to bring the software to 100 million devices by late 2017.

Able to insert animations believably into the real world in real time the ARCore software development kit has baked in support for Unity and Unreal engine which could give it an edge in the Apple and Google AR war. This has just been released to developers so we can expect to see apps being created in the not-to-distant future.

Apple set to bring back fingerprint scanner in 2018

One of the biggest surprises in the rumours of the iPhone 8 was that Apple had ditched the fingerprint scanner in favour of 3D face scanning. However, they may well already be plans in place to bring it back as Apple has filed a patent for a new way to place a Touch ID fingerprint scanner underneath the actual display of its phone.

The rumours around the Touch ID’s removal suggested the Apple was struggling to find a way to fit the fingerprint scanner onto the back of the new phone. It looks like they’ve found an innovative way around the problem that we’re very excited to see come into reality.

XZ to get 3D scanning update

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium is set to get 3D scanning with the new Android Oreo update. This is due to Sony’s upcoming 3D Creator app which will allow users to use their phone camera to take 3D scans of objects and even faces which they can upload to social media or even send to a 3D printer to create a model.

iOS 11 updates

The iOS release date is expected to be at the 12 September event alongside the iPhone 8. We’ll be seeing a revamped iOS multitasking system, new camera modes, a smarter Siri, and general software updates across the board.

With functionality for split screen apps and including drag and drop, iPads are set to become viable laptop alternative for some users. It will include ARKit for great augmented reality development which caused a stir at its recent demo.

We’ll also see a revamp of the App Store that Apple says is ‘designed for discovery’ and aims to make apps as exciting to download as they were nine years ago.

That’s it for this week’s mobile news, check back next week for the latest in mobile news and updates!

Mobile Phone News