Mobile news: what happened this week?

Mobile Phone News

It’s the end of another week and time for another great edition of our mobile news at The Hub. This week we’re bringing you new iPhone hints and rumours, as well as the latest news for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 before its launch. There is also the amazing news that Motorola is working a self-healing smartphone, as well an exciting 5G breakthrough and the news that mobile contactless spending has surged in popularity.

New iPhone 8 news and rumours

With new leaks, we’ve managed to get a better look at the upcoming iPhone 8 as pictures have surfaced appearing to be of wireless charging components in the new phone. On their own they are not that convincing but, with all the rumours and leaks so far, we’re now convinced that the iPhone 8 will have wireless charging.

Concept images have also been leaked of the expected ‘home bar’ suggesting that the virtual home button will remain at the bottom of the screen, but this bar will also show notifications and will have the ability to show information on open apps. It also seems to disappear completely when opening full screen.

Also expected in the September launch is a vertical camera, 3D facial recognition technology, and slow motion 4K video recording. We can’t wait to get our hands on it!

Motorola files patent for self-healing smartphone screens

Motorola has filed a patent for self-healing smartphone screen that could make cracked screens a thing of the past. Made from a “shape memory polymer” the screen would regain its shape after being heated by “thermal elements” which could include the phone heating itself up.

While this might seem like some sci fi wizardry, the patent only seems to be a method for fixing small cracks and scratches rather than large scale damage. This is only a proof of concept so it could well be a long time before we’re seeing this on the shelf.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 teaser confirms some rumours

Samsung has released a new teaser video for the Galaxy Note 8 which, while being very vague, seems to confirm one or two rumours. As expected, we’re now sure that the Galaxy Note 8 will be a huge phone as the slogan ‘Do bigger things’ features prominently in this video. This seems to confirm rumours that it will feature a massive 6.3-inch screen and the silhouette featured definitely shows that it will have the same Infinity Display as the Galaxy S8.

The silhouette featured in the add looks remarkably like the phone we’ve seen in the recent leaks which gives more credence to the rumours of the vertical dual lens camera, Quad HD display, and the phone being thicker to incorporate a stylus. Unveiling on 23 August at a New York event we’ll soon find out the full Note 8 specs.

5G takes step forward with test of new technology

The first real-world trial of mobile edge computing has been a huge success. This is very exciting as this tech is expected to be a key part in the creation of 5G. InterDigital showcased their new flexible IP services (Flips) technology – an operator-based MEC application designed to speed up IP based content and stream – with a city-wide treasure hunt in Bristol.

This test showed that with the new architecture there is no need for a fully deployed IP network and it successfully showed millisecond latency reductions and video distribution six times more efficient than before. While 5G is still far away this is a huge step towards bringing it to our phones.

Mobile contactless spending surges

Mobile contactless payment has started to take off in the UK according to new figures. In the first six months of 2017, Worldpay transactional data shows that mobile contactless spending has increased by a massive 336% year-on-year totalling an impressing £370 million.

In-store mobile payments have been growing since 2015 when Apple launched Apple Pay but it has been slow to take off until the last 12 months. With a variety of options now available such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Wallet, it’s very easy to set up and we can only see this getting more and more popular going forwards.

That’s all the mobile news for this week, we’ll see you next time for more mobile updates!

Mobile Phone News