Mobile news: what happened this week?

Mobile Phone News

It’s time for your mobile news update from Tesco Mobile! This week, Apple really knows how to get us to pay attention, even with no solid release date for the iPhone 8. Read the newest stories surrounding the highly anticipated device, as well as how Facebook is subtly trying to take up even more of your time.

The new Apple Watch could make you feel very 007

How often have you seen a spy film in which the protagonist touches base by speaking into their wrist watch? Apple clearly thought it was absurd that such a device hadn’t been invented yet and sought to fuse this technology with their latest Apple Watch.

Supposedly, the brand will incorporate LTE support so you no longer need your phone at hand for tasks that you’d usually need Wi-Fi for. This would mean your Apple Watch could connect to cellular networks without your phone nearby, allowing you to call (dare we say, video call in the near future) and text using just this device.

Watch TV on Facebook and make it an even bigger part of your life

Facebook is seeking to further solidify itself as part of your day with Watch, its new self-funded video platform featuring original content. With an initial roll out in the US, Facebook is reported to be broadcasting videos produced by huge networks like National Geographic, while still keeping the ‘liveness’ of the platform front and centre with real-time broadcasts too.

The shows are thought to be truly interactive, with a comments section under every episode so viewers can let their opinions loose. We’re guessing that the popularity of its diverse schedule will determine if we see ‘Watch’ make it to this side of the pond. If so, expect to get Facebook original content on Android and iOS very soon!

iPhone 8 might understand social cues

Smartphone is a widely used term, so what can we call the iPhone 8 after finding out it could change functions based on your facial expressions? A really smartphone? Imagine being in the middle of a call to your best friend, who’s just broken up with their partner and needs a chat. They’re talking you through what happened but your phone’s notifications keep distracting you so you’re only hearing every other word.

The iPhone 8’s rumoured facial recognition technology could mean that it gets the hint to silence all notifications from a simple side-eye and screen press from the user. With a reported full-screen display coming our way too, what else could the iPhone 8 impress us with before it finally hits the market?

That’s all for this week’s mobile news. Thanks for joining us and be sure to come back next week for all the latest updates!

Mobile Phone News