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Welcome to the end of another week and another edition of mobile news at The Hub. Today we’re bringing you the newly revealed specs of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and the latest rumours and hints about the iPhone 8, and the surprise rumours that Android O could be launching in as little as a weeks’ time.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 specs revealed

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is due to be officially unveiled on 23 August at a New York City event but, after a serious of leaks, the final specs have been confirmed by an insider.

Featuring a huge 6.3-inch infinity display using Super AMOLED tech, the screen will boost better brightness and an impressive 18.5:9 ratio. Internally we can expect a decent 6GB of RAM with 64GB of storage and an Exyno 8895 processor which is the new rival to the popular Snapdragon 835 and another octa-core processor.

It is set to have a dual lens vertical camera made of two 12mp sensors – one designed for wide angle shots, and the other with a telephoto lens. It should also feature a huge 3300mAh battery compatible with a fast charging USB-C port.

New iPhone 8 news and rumours

With the developer release of Apples iOS 11 software for the upcoming HomePod, some developers have managed to discover a few iPhone 8 secrets before its official unveiling in September.

When pouring through the code they have found good evidence that the rumours Apple is ditching the fingerprint scanner could be true as the code for it seems to have been replaced with a new Face Detect feature. This is expected to use 3D face scanning to overcome photo unlocking problem of previous face unlocking programs.

They have also discovered references to a smart camera that can recognise scenes to automatically apply the correct settings. Scenes referenced in the code include fireworks, documents, foliage, and skies. There are also references to wireless charging, making this prevalent rumour almost a certainty at this point, and a new tap to wake function that removes the need for a physical home button.


Android O could launch in a week

The biggest new rumour about Android’s new operating system, Android O, is that it could be released in only a week. This comes from a reasonably reliable source through the notoriously unreliable medium of Twitter where he admitted that this timeline could be pushed.

Some people remain sceptical as Android O still doesn’t have an official name yet, but with Google anything is possible. Even if it is released, you may still have a wait a few months before it becomes available on more than the Pixel or Nexus.

That’s all this week, folks! Join us again next time for all your mobile news needs from Tesco Mobile.

Mobile Phone News