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It’s time again for mobile news at The Hub! This week we’re investigating the new features of iOS 12 and Apple’s fantastic ARKit 2, as well as checking out the leaked renders of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 9.

We’re also looking into the new Galaxy Note 9 rumours and leaked renders on top of checking out Google’s G Suite upgrades.

iPhone 11 and iPhone 9 could have larger screens according to new leaks

A newly leaked render of the 2018 iPhones shows larger screens than expected for both the iPhone 11 and iPhone 9. While these renders and very much unconfirmed, it’s totally plausible that Apple could be further increasing their screen size in 2018; whether that’s in the main model or a plus size variant.

We still don’t know what the new phones will be called (suggestions include iPhone 11, iPhone XI, iPhone X2, and iPhone X Plus) but the iPhone 11 render shows a 6.5/6.3 inch screen (iPhone X is 5.8 inches), and the iPhone 9 is portrayed as 6.1 inches.

Google updates G Suite for better collaboration

Google has updated their G Suite – Hangouts Meet, Google Calendar, Google sheets etc. – to be compatible with other software for easier collaboration. All accessible from mobile apps, these multi-platform systems are hugely popular for both businesses and casual users.

Hangouts Meet now has compatibility with Polycom, Cisco, and Skype for Business. Google Calendar now supports third-party conferencing natively, and Google Sheets now has integration with SAP allowing users to easily export ERP content into Sheets.

iOS 12 introduces new features and a smarter Siri

ios12 pics 800x400

Apple unveiled iOS 12 during their WWDC 2018 keynote address and it shows a fantastic number of new features. They have introduced group FaceTime that is able to support up to a staggering 32 simultaneous users, grouped notifications to clean up your interface, and made photo sharing easier by detecting the people in your photos.

Apple has also added some great Siri upgrades, including a simple way to automate tasks (such as sending a text to say you’re on your way home when your phone detects you leaving the office) and making Siri able to interact with more apps.

New Samsung Galaxy Note 9 leaks show rear fingerprint scanner and dual camera

New leaks of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 show a phone with a dual lens rear camera, a rear fingerprint scanner and thinner bezels. While fans were hoping for an under-screen fingerprint scanner, it looks like Samsung has pushed this tech to their next flagship.

According to new rumours, this phone could launch in as little as two months at the Samsung Unpacked event on 9 August. We’re expecting to see some fantastic changes to the phone’s internal components and software, so are very excited for this phone.

Apple’s ARKit 2 unveiled to show new collaborative software and persistent tracking

Apple unveiled ARKit 2 in their WWDC 2018 keynote, and it shows some fantastic upgrades from the previous version. The new software supports multiple people using the same app on different devices – so two people playing the same game will be able to see the same augmented reality.

Persistent tracking has also been added, which lets you place an object in an AR world and then the object will stay there to be interacted with by other users. We’re very much looking forward to what this will bring to the development of the entire mobile AR industry.

Did you enjoy this week’s mobile news? Don’t forget to check in next week for all of your mobile industry rumours and updates!

Mobile Phone News