Mobile news: what happened this week?

Hello and welcome to this week’s mobile news at The Hub! Today we are looking at the rumours surrounding the 2019 iPhone range and their updates, as well as looking into the new iOS 11.4 release and the rumours for the upcoming iPhone SE2.

We’re also taking a look at the industry leaks around the Galaxy Note 9 and investigating the new rumours that Motorola is working on an iPhone X-style flagship phone.

2019 iPhones to feature triple-lens camera and all have OLED screens

iphone x

Apples LCD version of the iPhone X seems to be a one-off -according to supply chain sources – with the entire range expected to use OLED in 2019. These screens are brighter and use less battery power than LCD displays, but are more expensive to build.

A new rumour has also surfaced claiming that Apple is testing a triple-lens camera with 3D sensing tech for next years’ iPhone range. Analysts believe this is designed for boosting AR tech and we’re very excited to see what developers could do with this tech.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to look very similar to Note 8 with upgraded insides

According to a newly leaked video – that claims to show a screen protector for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Samsung hasn’t updated the phone’s design from last year’s model. However, some commenters have spotted that the sensor holes are slightly larger which could indicate some seriously upgraded tech.

Samsung has confirmed that Bixby 2.0 is coming to the Note 9 with upgraded capabilities and it has been rumoured that this will be the phone in which Samsung debuts their in screen fingerprint scanner.

iOS 11.4 arrives with two key updates only one week ahead of iOS 12 beta

Ahead of the iOS 12 beta next week, we’ve seen some long-awaited updates roll out with iOS 11.4 in the last few days.

Teased 12 months ago, Apple has finally released AirPlay 2 which brings multi-room and stereo HomePod support to Siri catching up with Amazon’s Alexa and Google Cast. This lets you tell Siri which room to play music in, but similar to Google Cast, is dependent on your phone not running out of battery.

The other key update is Messages in the Cloud, which lets users sync iMessages across all of their devices on iOS or macOS backing up all of your messages and letting you delete messages across all devices easily.

Rumoured Motorola phone looks like the iPhone X

While we know that Motorola is getting ready to unveil the Moto Z3 Play, we’ve heard rumours of a new flagship phone that could look very similar to the iPhone X. According to a leaked render the new phone – called the Motorola One Power – will have a notched design, full-screen display, and a large camera in a similar place (and with a similar look) to the iPhone X.

While the leaked render might show similarities to Apple’s 10-year anniversary phone, we don’t know anything yet about the internal components which could show a very different phone.

Motorola One Power Android One

New iPhone SE2 leak shows plans for new notch design

A newly leaked image of the new iPhone SE2’s screen protector shows that it will have a notched design similar to the iPhone X. The image shows a notch that is significantly smaller than the one on the iPhone X so we are not expecting to find the high-end TrueDepth camera on this phone.

While the full TrueDepth might not make an appearance on the SE2, a paired down version could be coming to the phone, or it could be that Apple is simply wanting to unify the look of their phone ranges.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s mobile news roundup – don’t forget to check back in next week for more industry updates and rumours!