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It’s that time again – time for your weekly dose of mobile news at The Hub! This week we’re looking into the augmented reality boost of the Galaxy S9 phones, the new rumours for the Galaxy S10, and how Samsung is looking to sell their exclusive chips to the wider market.

We’re also investigating HTC’s plans for a blockchain smartphone as well as the new release of Google’s AI news app that runs on machine learning.

Samsung Galaxy S9 gets AR boost after being called the fastest phone available

S9 & S9+

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ have been called the fastest phones available by leading mobile data speed analyst Ookla. The S9 phones apparently have download speeds that are 37% faster than the iPhone X making them the fastest phones on the global market.

The Galaxy S9 phones have gotten a further boost with support for Google’s ARCore. This means that S9 users can easily download the ARCore app and then enjoy all the augmented reality games and apps that are currently available.

HTC announce plans for a blockchain smartphone

HTC has unveiled plans to create a new smartphone that will feature a universal wallet and hardware support for all the major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. While we don’t have much information on the phone yet, we’re expecting it to have high-level encryption tools with great security.

This type of device would allow users to store and spend digital currencies without having to pay transaction fees, so we can definitely see this phone become popular with tech-savvy users.

Samsung Galaxy 10 to have the highest resolution of any phone

New rumours about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy 10 are saying that it will have the sharpest screen on the market. The rumour comes from a reputable tipster and claims that the phone will have a resolution above 600dpi – to put that in context most magazines are printed at only 300dpi.

We’ve also heard that the phone will feature the long-anticipated in-screen fingerprint scanner that many hoped to see on the S9.

Google has released their new AI news app

You can now download Google News, the new AI-powered news app from Google, on both iOS and Android and get news that is tailored to your interests. The app is designed to make sure you are getting accurate news from credible sources and, for each story, the app will show a variety of different perspectives from around the web.

This app uses machine learning to find interesting stories from trustworthy sources and can learn your preferences. It can also put together a timeline of how events have unfolded in what Google calls ‘Full Coverage’.

Google news

Samsung to shake up mobile industry with cutting-edge chips

According to industry rumours, Samsung going to start selling their Exynos chipset to other smartphone manufactures in a bid to rival Qualcomm. Qualcomm chips are found in almost all major Android phones currently and even the US version of the Samsung’s S9 contains the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.

Benchmarking tests show that the Exynos chips are a little faster than comparable Qualcomm models though they sometimes lack a few features key to the American networks. We’re very excited to see these chips reach other phones as more diversity in our smartphones should promote great developments.

That’s everything for this week’s mobile news roundup! Remember to check back in next week at The Hub to keep up to date on your mobile industry updates and rumours!

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