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Welcome back to another issue of mobile news at The Hub! This week, discover the amazing Google Duplex that can phone restaurants for you, and the impressive updates coming to Android P. We’re also looking at the upcoming affordable version of the iPhone X.

Google unveils Google Duplex that can make phone calls for you

If you get anxious about calling to book a table at your restaurant or making an appointment at your hairdressers, then you’re in luck, as the upcoming Google Duplex can call up and talk to people for you! Initially, it will focus solely on restaurant reservations, scheduling hair appointments and finding out businesses’ holiday opening hours, but we’re incredibly excited to see where this could go.

This feature works via Google assistant, so it is only available on Android phones, but this tech could easily save people time and effort (even for people who have no issue with calling companies).

google duplex

Affordable iPhone X

According to sources in Korea, the heavily-rumoured, affordable version of the iPhone X will have the same display as the upcoming LG G7 ThinQ phone. This MLCD+ screen is an advanced form of basic LCDs with an additional white pixel.

The screen is even supposed to be the same size as the LG phone – at 6.1 inches (155mm) – but we won’t know all the details until Apple’s new iPhone range is announced in September, at the earliest.

Android P to be the most secure Android OS yet

The public beta of Android P is now out and so far it looks like Google has added great improvements to privacy and security. The update doesn’t allow information gathering by apps when they are idle highlights when it is active, and encrypts data that is sent to Google Cloud so that the company cannot access it.

The update will also introduce an adaptive battery life that will anticipate what apps you will activate, improvements in adaptive brightness, and new shortcuts based on anticipated app use.

android P

Samsung’s foldable phone may arrive early 2019

Samsung’s long rumoured foldable phone thought to be called the Galaxy X could be set for release in early 2019 according to new insider leaks. According to the rumours, the production quantity will be quite small as Samsung tests the market.

There is still a lot of speculation about what the phone will look like, though the most reliable reports suggest that it will be made up of three displays that can be opened like a book for tablet use and then folded up for traditional phone use.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s mobile news roundup! Remember to check back in next week at The Hub to keep up to date on your mobile industry updates and rumours!

Mobile Phone News