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Mobile Phone News

It’s time for your weekly issue of mobile news at The Hub! This week we take a peek at the leaked specs for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Active, as well as the leaks and rumours for the LG G7 ThinQ. We are also taking a look at the iOS 11 update, why Huawei is focusing on emotional AI, and more!

Samsung Galaxy S9 Active leak reveals impressive specs

A new leak revealing the specs for the Galaxy S9 Active reveal a phone that can match the S9 on performance , but with a much bigger battery. Samsung has shied away from increasing the battery size of their phones so far, due to manufacturing concerns, so it’s fantastic to hear that they may be upping the battery to 4,000mAh.

While this leak is unconfirmed, it matches what we’d expect from an S9 Active model – so we’re hoping to hear more about this sturdier S9 model in the future.

iOS 11 update fixes screen issues for iPhone 8 users


iphone 8Apple has fixed the iOS 11.3 bug that caused some iPhone 8 users’ screens to become unresponsive. The bug made it that phones that had screens that were repaired using third party parts almost completely stop working; forcing users to replace their screens again – this time with official parts.

This update also addresses minor security and memory issues, as well as protecting the phone from harmful text messages that could lead to UI spoofing.

Huawei announces plans to make digital assistant more emotionally aware

Huawei have announced that they will be focusing on “emotional interaction” for their AI assistant, so that it can read and respond to your mood to create a better experience for users. The idea is that the app would eventually get to the point where it could provide users with emotional support as well as news and information.

Huawei has been focusing on their AI assistant for a while now, and while it is currently only available on their phones in China it’s expected to roll out worldwide soon.

Ahead of GDPR Whatsapp becomes 16+ & Instagram allows full information download

Ahead of the new GDPR data protection rules from the EU, apps are gearing up to be fully compliant, with Whatsapp taking the unexpected move of upping their user age restrictions to 16. Whatsapp’s change will affect the European Region though the age restriction will remain at 13 in the rest of the world.

Both Whatsapp and Instagram will also be allowing users to download all the information that it has on users with the Instagram tool allowing users to download all photos and videos, as well as comments, likes, and contacts.

That’s everything for this week’s mobile news roundup! Remember to check back in next week at The Hub to stay up to date on your mobile industry updates and rumours!

Mobile Phone News