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Welcome back to mobile news at The Hub! This week we’re checking out the new iPhone 8 Red, as well as the rumours surrounding Apple’s upcoming iOS 12. We’re also investigating how London is boosting their 4G signal in preparation for 5G and how Google Lens is now powerful enough to identify pet breeds!

The iPhone 8 Red revealed

iphone red

This year’s iPhone Red has been officially unveiled by Apple and the phones have upgraded their look with new black bezels, rather than last year’s white bezels.   Get yours today with Tesco Mobile shop now.

A portion of the proceeds from both the new phone and the cases will go towards fighting HIV and AIDS in eight African countries.


London 4G gets upgraded with small cells in lampposts

London’s is taking steps to improve 4G coverage by installing 300 small cells within lampposts and street furniture in busy urban areas to improve signal and speed. This is a collaboration between Tesco Mobile’s network carrier and Arqiva and is designed to lay the foundation for 5G.

This move is exciting as it sets a trend of boosting the 4G signal, using council assets – something we hope to see roll out across the UK.

iOS 12 developer beta expected in June

The next big iPhone update is expected to be released to developers on June 4 at the WWDC, 2018. While we won’t know for sure what the update will include until its release, we’re already hearing rumours.

We’ve heard that on this update, Apple is focused on reliability over big changes, with the team hoping the make the stabilisation impeccable. We’re also expecting an expansion to Animoji, improved camera controls, and an upgrade to autocorrect.

Google Lens gets smart enough to recognise pet breeds

dog picture

The AI image recognition app uses machine learning and augmented reality software to intelligently identify objects, places, and people in photos. This week, Google has announced that users of Google Lens will be able to use it to identify breeds in pictures of dogs and cats and find out more about them.

While practical use is limited, this new feature is a great step forward for the software and it shows fantastic potential for the future.

That’s it for this week’s mobile news roundup! Remember to check back in next week at The Hub to keep up to date on your mobile industry updates and rumours!

Mobile Phone News