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Welcome back to mobile news at The Hub. This week we’re looking at the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 leaks, which show an impressive device and checking out the rumours that Samsung is working on long-distance wireless charging.

We’re also investigating the rumours that Apple could be slashing the price of the iPhone X and are working on a foldable phone design for 2020 – as well as looking at the developments in 5G.

New Samsung Galaxy Note 9 leaks reveal an impressive device

New leaks of Samsung’s testing scores of a phone labelled ‘Samsung SM-N960U’ (the Note 8 was called the ‘SM-N950’) has shown a powerful phone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, 6GB of RAM and operating on Android 8.1.

While the Geekbench scores showed slightly lower performance than the S9 Plus, this is normal as Samsung is likely still optimising both the firmware and software.

Apple may slash price of iPhone X for iPhone X Plus release

According to analyst Amit Daryanani from RBC Capital Markets Apple is likely to slash the cost of the iPhone X by a larger than expected margin to help drive sales after the iPhone X Plus release. We can believe that this is possible as Apple has seen a drop in sales in the new year, due to the high price of the iPhone X.

Daryanani believes that the handset could see up to a £100 drop in price once the new phone launches.

iphone x in hand

Samsung is working on wireless charging without the pad

Samsung is working on over-the-air wireless charging to let users charge their phone without needing to leave the phone resting on a dedicated charging pad. According to a recently discovered patent, Samsung is developing a technology that would reflect a charging signal around a room.

This kind of tech is the holy grail of wireless charging, but it is still in its infancy, so we don’t expect to see this for a good few years yet.

Apple working on foldable phone design

According to analysts from Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Apple is working with partners in Asia to develop a smartphone that can be folded out to double as a tablet. Now that we’ve seen one new look from the iPhone range, maybe it’s a sign Apple is ready for more changes.

A Korean website reported that Apple had teamed up with LG citing anonymous sources and the rumours are that this folding phone could be ready for release in 2020.

folding phone

First ever public 5G test switch on in Australia

The first ever public 5G test has gone live in Australia, proving that the technology is incredibly close to commercial release. This news comes as the UK5G initiative goes live aiming to encourage industry investment in 5G and 5G testing in the UK.

5G tech could also be becoming even more impressive as Telefonica and 5TONIC Labs have successfully tested new modulation systems to improve 5G efficiency – providing cover at a fraction of the cost of fibre. This paves the way for true Fixed Wireless Access broadband.

That’s all for this week’s mobile news round-up! Make sure you keep up to date with all the industry news and rumours by checking back in next week at The Hub.

Mobile Phone News