Mobile news: what happened this week?

Hello and welcome back to mobile news at The Hub! This week we’re looking at the Google Fuchsia operating system, how Apple’s ARKit is getting on with developers, the updates we’re expecting from iOS12 and why 5G looks to be on track for 2020.

Google Fuchsia OS previews expected this year

It’s been known that Google has been working on the Fuchsia operating system for well over a year now but, according to industry experts, we can expect to finally see previews later this year.

Fuchsia is Google’s answer to a multiplatform operating system that works both on mobile and desktop and is fully integrated with apps from Google Play. This OS is expected to fuse the Chrome OS and Android together into one simple system that syncs all devices no matter the platform.

Samsung Galaxy S9 available

After a long wait, the fantastically reviewed Samsung Galaxy S9 is finally available. With a dual aperture camera that is being described as the best smartphone camera currently available and with a display the specialist reviewers are calling “visually indistinguishable from perfect”.

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Apple’s ARKit brings pro golf shots to your kitchen table

Apple’s ARKit is starting to gain traction with more developers getting on board with augmented reality and this week we’ve discovered a new app that brings pro-golf shots into your home. The PGA Tour AR app renders popular golf holes and show’s pro shots, so you can see how the professionals do it.

While currently only available in the US, this app shows how AR could be brought to sports fans and, as we hear they are working on live-rendering shots as they happen, we’re very excited to see what comes next.

iphone x in hand

iOS 12 updates and rumours

iOS 12 is due to launch sometime in June, but we’ve gathered up what we know so far. According to insiders, this update will focus on bug fixes as well as refinements to underlying code so we’re not expecting any huge changes.

However, we’ve heard that Apple will be introducing improvements to their AR, as well as easier parental controls, and an upgrade for FaceTime.

5G on track for 2020 rollout in the UK

It looks like the 5G is on track to start rolling out in the UK during 2020. The Government has just announced they are funding a new £25m prize fund for testbeds of the technology with six projects set to receive grants of up to £5 million.

Not only that, but Minister for Digital Margot James announced: “We have established a barrier-busting taskforce in government to make it easier for [mobile operators] to rollout networks.”

This comes as Ofcom confirms that bidding for the 5G spectrum frequencies will begin next week, so we are incredibly excited to see 5G on the move throughout the industry.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s mobile news roundup! Stay up to date with all of the industry news and rumours with mobile news at The Hub.