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Another week, another issue of mobile news at The Hub! This week we’re looking at the new rumours surrounding the design of the 2019 iPhones and the rumour that the Android P developer preview could be launching in the next few weeks.

We’re also checking out the new Samsung app, which is designed to give users a taste of the S9 – as well as the new tech Google has developed to remove backgrounds in real time.

Samsung launches app to show off S9 to owners of older models

Samsung has launched a new app designed to show off the new features of the Galaxy S9 to those who might be considering upgrading. Able to run on any phone with Android 6.0 or higher, this app will let users see the new AR Emoji features and how the new camera works.

The app also features detailed spec sections to show how the new phones measure up as well as videos that show the difference in quality with the new camera.

Apple could drop notch from design in 2019

According to sources close the Apple’s supply chain for their OLED screen, Apple could be considering dropping the notch design in favour of a full body screen. This comes with rumours that the sensors and cameras in the notch could be placed behind the screen. Although, there is no confirmation that Apple is working on this tech.

A new and more streamlined look could be a very popular upgrade to the iPhone, though it wouldn’t be ready in time for the iPhone X Plus, which is due to launch this year.

iphone x

Google is testing real-time background removal for YouTube

Google is testing new software that can allow real-time background removal for YouTube videos as part of their YouTube Stories – currently in beta. Stories are 15-minute videos similar to Instagram videos and are only accessible through the YouTube mobile apps.

The new tech uses a neural network that has been trained to differentiate between foreground and background using thousands of images of people in different poses. As it was trained to recognise people this could only be used for videos centred on people but provides an impressively easy alternative to a green screen.

We hope that this innovative tech will make its way into Android phones and we’ll start seeing great looking videos and pictures.

First view of Android P could come later this month

Rumours apparently started by industry sources have claimed that the developer preview of Android P could be released as early as mid-March. This will be fantastic for investigating what new features we could see in the final version, however, this preview will only be available to Google registered developers.

Interestingly, the rumour is that it could launch on March 14, or 03/14, and if 3.14 sounds familiar it’s because it’s the approximate value of Pi. Could we be seeing a pie-themed release this year?

That’s all for our mobile news roundup this week! Make sure you stay up to date with all the industry news and rumours and check back next week!

Mobile Phone News