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Welcome back to mobile news at The Hub! This week we’re taking a look at the future of mobile with Qualcomm’s new AI engine, ARM’s new iSIM technology, and discussing how Google has combined their mobile payment platforms Android Pay and Google Wallet.

New Qualcomm AI engine designed to speed up phones

Qualcomm has announced that they are releasing a new AI engine that should be able to speed up performance on all devices which implement the engine.

While the components of the new AI engine aren’t anything new, this combines several different hardware and software innovations to enable faster AI user experiences through on-device processing.

This engine requires a Snapdragon 845, 835, 820, or 660 chipset, so we can definitely expect to see it in upcoming high-end phones.

iPhone SE 2 could launch in June

According to a new Chinese report, the anticipated budget iPhone SE 2 could be launching at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in June. However, several analysts have claimed that Apple may never release the device, as they are moving towards phones with Face ID and the iPhone X design.

The SE is due for an upgrade and the SE 2 is rumoured to have a larger display with smaller bezels and feature Apples A10 chipset.

New iSIM technology developed for smallest ever SIM

ARM has developed new iSIM technology that may see the SIM card ditched for good. Similar in concept to the eSIM of the Google Pixel 2 and Apple Watch 3 this technology takes up even less space to free up additional room for RAM or even a larger battery.

The iSIM is only around a millimetre squared which is incredibly small and while we expect to see this coming to phones, this could also help the development of wearables and other lightweight tech.

SIM insert

Android Pay and Google Wallet combined in Google Pay

Google has combined it’s Android Pay and Google Wallet into one unified payment service called Google Pay. It will combine the ease of payment of Android Pay with the simple send and receive money feature of Google Wallet.

While the app is available for download, not all features are available in the UK, however, we think that this app will become wildly popular once they do.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s mobile news round-up. Check back in next week for more great industry updates and rumours at The Hub!

Mobile Phone News