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It’s that time of week again; where we share another weekly round-up of mobile news at The Hub! This week, we discuss Apple’s iOS 12 release date and features, confirmed price of Samsung’s Galaxy S9.  We also take a look at Google’s Gmail Go app for less powerful smartphones.

iOS release date and features

Mobile users have been anxiously awaiting the release of Apple’s new iOS 12 update and it will likely be announced in June 2018. The actual release date of the iOS 12 is expected to be in September and the update is supposedly focusing on reliability and stability, as it resolves many of the glitches and bugs on the current mobile operating system.

One of the most exciting iOS 12 features is said to be for your computer, as Apple is rumoured to be bringing first and third-party iOS apps to Mac computers. According to Bloomberg, Apple will add more Animojis to the iOS 12 for use with the iPhone X Face ID camera, which will also boast easier navigation.

Samsung Galaxy S9 price confirmed


Mobile industry insiders have confirmed that the new Galaxy S9 will cost £739 in the UK, when it is launched on Sunday February 25. This is only £50 more expensive than the S8, but is still less than the initial price information that was given and claimed that people should expect to pay “£100 more than the S8 cost at launch.”

If this cost is correct, then this is encouraging news for anyone who wants to get their hands on the Galaxy S9 in the coming weeks.

Google releases Gmail Go for older smartphones

Google has released a new version of its Gmail app for Android, which is designed to work with older, less powerful smartphones.

Considered a stripped-back email app that still comes with top-end features, the lightweight Gmail Go is aimed at phones with 1GB of RAM – which often struggle to work with the standard Gmail app. It takes up less storage space on users’ smartphones, while also making better use of their mobile data.

Just like the regular version of Gmail, the new Gmail Go app offers the standard features such as multiple account support, attachments, push notifications for new messages and conversation view. It also categorises promotional and social emails in separate tabs and prioritises messages from friends and family first.

Gmail Go joins a growing list of Go edition Google apps, including YouTube Go, Files Go, Google Go and Google Maps Go.

That’s all for this week’s mobile news! Join us next week for more industry news, updates and rumours at The Hub.

Mobile Phone News