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Its time for your weekly installment of mobile news at The Hub! This week, we check out new iPhone Face ID rumours, the Huawei P20 leak, as well as the leaked price of the anticipated Galaxy S9.  We also look at how a Google app is bringing AR to all Android phones.

All 2018 iPhones to have Face ID

Analysts have cited Asian supply chain sources for evidence that all new iPhones in 2018 will have Face ID. This backs up previous reports and strengthens claims that all new phones will keep the iPhone X signature look.

This comes despite persistent rumours of a lower price LCD model to be released, and industry insiders are speculating that this phone will ditch 3D touch, but keep face ID.

face id

Huawei P20 Plus render leaked showing triple lens camera

A render has been leaked of the upcoming Huawei P20 Plus, and if it is accurate, it reveals the long rumoured 3-lens camera – as well as a notched design similar to the iPhone X. The render doesn’t show a headphone jack, but instead, shows two holes that may be used for IR tech.

Of course, we can’t be too sure of the accuracy of these renders, as they are leaks, but they certainly look impressive ahead of the launch.


Samsung Galaxy S9 price leaked: UK

According to an industry insider who spoke to Techradar, we can expect the Galaxy S9 to cost around £100 more than the S8. This means that the highly anticipated phone will be priced somewhere around the £789 mark, following the trend that is seeing high-end phones increase in price.

This is still significantly less than we’re expecting for the iPhone X follow-ups, and with the impressive specs we’ve seen in leaks, this phone could well be worth the price.

New Google app brings AR to any android phone

The Google Pixel 2 got access to Google’s AR stickers last December using Google’s ARCore technology, but other Android users were left behind. Now, Google has brought a taste of AR to all Android phones with their free Motion Stills app.

Now that the app has been updated, it allows anyone with an Android to place a virtual object in real space for videos and pictures.

motions stills

We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s mobile news! Come back next week for more of your industry updates and rumours at The Hub.

Mobile Phone News