Mobile news: what happened this week?

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Another week has passed, and it’s time for your round-up of all the mobile industry updates with mobile news at The Hub. This week we’re investigating the new updates for both iOS 11 and Android Oreo, and checking out rumours that the iPhone X might get discontinued.

We’re also looking into the new mobile game-streaming service that has hit the UK as well as the new Samsung Galaxy S9 teaser video.

iOS 11 gets privacy update to protect your information

Apple has announced that iOS 11.3, due to launch in spring, will come with a new privacy feature that will let you know when something is asking to use your personal information.

The idea around the new feature is that if a hacker manages to compromise your phone then you will get an icon pop-up so you can make sure that only trusted sources are accessing your information.

Teaser video for the Samsung Galaxy S9 released

Samsung has launched a teaser video for their upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 reveal – now officially scheduled for 25 February. The video doesn’t give away much – like all good teasers – but the inclusion of the words “The Camera. Reimagined.” shows that the high-spec camera is likely to be the highlight of this phone.

This gives further weight to rumours of 1000 frames per second recording capabilities, and ability to switch between apertures as needed.

iPhone X LCD model may mean original iPhone X will be discontinued

Details are coming out about the affordable iPhone X model to be released this year, with known analysist Ming-Chi Kuo saying that it will feature a 6.1-inch LCD screen, won’t have 3D Touch, and will have an aluminium back – so won’t have wireless charging.

Ming-Chi is predicting that instead of discounting the iPhone X when they release the new model, Apple will instead offer this cut-down version for those not looking for a top end phone.

Oreo gets update to let you check public Wi-Fi speed

Android 8.1 Oreo is getting an update that will let you see the speed of public Wi-Fi before you go to all the effort of logging in. This feature has been in the works for a while but has finally started rolling out to users this week.

When you try to join a public Wi-Fi network after the update, Android assistant will let you know if the signal is Very Fast, Fast, OK or Slow. Very Fast should let you stream HD video, while OK would let you use Facebook or Twitter as normal. This is a great feature that we hope will end up encouraging public Wi-Fi across the UK to reach for the coveted Very Fast status.

Mobile game streaming app Hatch comes to the UK

The game streaming service Hatch has arrived in the UK, allowing you to play games on your phone without clogging up your memory with large downloads. Working like Spotify or Netflix, but for games, the App allows you simply click the game you want to play and instantly connect and play.

The app is currently in an open beta test, so you can expect there to still be a few flaws, but we think that this will be a huge hit with avid gamers.

That’s our round-up of the mobile news this week, come back next time for more mobile industry updates from The Hub.

Mobile Phone News