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After a hectic week we’re ready for the weekend, and that means the mobile news! This week we’ve got the big announcement of Apple’s Augmented Reality development kit, how the new Blackberry KeyOne failed a bend test spectacularly, the first image of the OnePlus 5, Android O moving into final pre-release phase, and Apple employees arrested for selling user data.

Apple throw their weight behind Augmented Reality

Apple has announced that they are releasing an Augmented Reality (AR) development kit for iOS at the WWDC, their annual showcase event. This could be the kick the technology needs as until now AR has been a bit of a solution without a problem. It has had limited – and prohibitively expensive – support from companies like Google and Microsoft, but this Apple announcement changes everything.

From what the company said, they’re wanting to use this AR developers kit to bring AR capability to their already released products, which means that within a year, thousands more people could be using Augmented Reality, expanding the potential market massively.

It’s obviously early days, but this could be the kick that AR needs to go from a novelty to a proper industry.

Watch Blackberry’s new KeyOne fail a bend test terribly

Blackberry’s KeyOne has utterly failed a bend test by one of Youtube’s top destruction testers. Destruction testers are people who get brand new phones and other tech then test how easy it is to totally destroy them – in the name of science. One such tester goes by the name of JerryRigEverything, and recently he tried his usual “bend test” on Blackberry’s latest flagship offering. The results were… not great:

As you can see, when put under pressure, the entire screen popped out of the body and stopped working. Not a great show for a £500 phone when cheaper, and older, competitors like the OnePlus 3 survived this test.  Blackberry have been on the back foot for a while now in the world of smartphones, and it looks like they’ve still not quite worked out how to compete on durability.

Take a look at the first image of the OnePlus 5

OnePlus have been teasing their new phone, the OnePlus 5, ahead of its  release date, and the latest is the first real image of the phone.

OnePlus 5

It looks sleek and well made, and also, a lot like the iPhone 7. That’s no bad thing, Apple are of course renowned for their design and build quality, but it’s something to note all the same. The image confirms that the OnePlus 5 will have a dual lens camera, apparent metal body – in keeping with the OnePlus 3 – and a slimmer look overall. There’s no word on whether they’ve ditched the headphone jack (we hope not) but that does seem to be the way flagship handsets are moving.

Android O moves into final phase before release

Google’s latest and greatest version of Android, simply called “O” is in the final stage before its rumoured release during the autumn of this year. Like all the new versions of Android, O is bringing a host of new features and revamps with it.

It’s completely updating the notification panel, adding in snoozeable notifications as well as a new settings app. There’s also a new way to keep your phone up to date with something called Project Treble, which Google hopes will help in the fight against the hugely fragmented Android market, and most importantly a total redesign for your emojis.

If you have a Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C, Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P, you can get the new beta on your phone now by signing up to the Android Beta Program.

Apple employees have been selling user data in China

Chinese authorities have released a statement revealing that 22 people have been detained after it was discovered they were involved in a multi-million dollar scam selling user data. 20 of those detained were Apple employees who were using their access to the company’s internal network to get a hold of the data.

At the moment it’s not clear if the people whose data was being sold were local Chinese users, or if international users are also affected. Still, in light of this, it might be a good idea to change your log in details and check to see if there’s been any suspicious activity on your Apple account. Better safe than sorry, right?

That’s everything for this week, we’ll be back with more stories next week, same time, same place.

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