Mobile news: what happened this week?

It’s time for another week’s selection of the top industry updates with mobile news at The Hub! This week we discover the first ever in-screen fingerprint scanner and look at how the iPhone X was even more popular than expected.

We also take a peek at the new Galaxy S9 leaks, how Apple has tackled the chip vulnerability, and find out why it looks like Qi wireless charging has won the tech battle.

iPhone X gave Apple biggest market share in three years

According to new research, sales of the iPhone X managed to give Apple its largest UK market share in over three years. The research indicated that in November Apple managed to reach just under 50% of the market share.

It looks that the iPhone X was even more popular than expected and we think this just shows that Apple is going to continue to be the most popular smartphone manufacturer for years to come.

Small smartphone manufacturer beats Apple and Samsung to in-screen fingerprint scanners

The first in-screen fingerprint scanner has finally been announced, but rather than by Apple or Samsung as many expected, it is by independent mobile-maker, Vivo. The technology was on display at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 but so far Vivo hasn’t announced a phone that they will be putting the tech into.

We’re expecting to see their phone announced sometime in the first half of this year which gives Samsung plenty of time to release their own model. This could well be the start of a much wider trend for 2018 smartphones.

in screen scanner

New Samsung Galaxy S9 leak shows impressive camera

A new leak has emerged about the Galaxy S9, this time including a supposed picture of the box that displays a list of the phones features. The list shows a lot of features similar to the Galaxy S8, with a 5.8″ QHD+ Super AMOLED screen, an iris scanner, 4GB RAM, wireless charging, and 8MP front camera, but differs in the rear camera.

The rear camera is shown to be a 12MP Dual Pixel one with optical image stabilisation with aperture marked as f1.5/f2.4 which indicates that it could have a variable aperture camera, able to switch between apertures, as needed. It also boasts ‘Super Slow-mo’ which could be the rumoured 1000 frames per second recording – if the image is genuine, of course.

We look forward to finding out the official specs for this phone which has been confirmed to launch in February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Qi wins the wireless charging war

Qi has effectively won the wireless charging war this week as the competing format Powermat conceded their dominance of the market. The two formats had been deadlocked with manufacturers having to add functionality for both formats until Apple choose to only work with Qi and broke the stalemate.

As Powermat seeks to merge their wireless charging expertise with the Qi system, we look forward to seeing new innovations. The unified format should also see wireless charging becoming more accessible and more common.

wireless charging

iOS 11 updates security to combat ‘Spectre’

Apple has released a new version of iOS 11 to combat the recent revelations that there are vulnerabilities in the Intel and ARM chips. The new update makes changes to Apple’s WebKit and Safari software to address the ‘Spectre’ vulnerability.

Apple has said that users can protect their phones further by only downloading apps from official sources and by not following suspicious website links.

That’s all our mobile news for this week, but check back next week for more news and updates on everything mobile at The Hub.