Mobile news: what happened this week?

Welcome back to mobile news at The Hub! This week we’re investigating the rumours LG is developing a new flexible and extendable phone, looking at the new evidence for Samsung’s dual screen hinged phone.

We’re also looking at why Apple has slashed the cost of their iPhone batteries and seeing why the Samsung Galaxy S9 looks set for unveiling in February.

LG considering flexible display phone

An LG patent has been uncovered that describes a device with a flexible and extendable display. This patent isn’t too unrealistic as LG has been experimenting with flexible displays for years.

The patent describes a phone that can easily be extended into a tablet to allow for an extended keyboard or better video experience. While the existence of the patent doesn’t necessarily mean that LG is currently developing the device, we’re hopeful that something like this will be on the market soon.

LG flexible phone

Galaxy S9 could be revealed in February

According to industry sources in South Korea, production is about to start on the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. This means that the phone could be officially unveiled at the Mobile World Congress expo in February.

Expected to feature the Exynos 9810 chipset the S9 could get 3D face tracking and face unlocking, and we’re also hoping to see the capability to record 4k footage at 120fps. We can’t wait for this phone to be unveiled fully.

More evidence of Samsung’s dual screen hinged phone

Another patent has been uncovered for a hinged phone by Samsung, which could mean that this phone is something they are actively developing. This is the second patent found in only a few weeks, so it’s entirely possible that this is something we could see released in 2018.

Patents are not a sure-fire sign of a product’s development but, with Samsung’s hints that a foldable phone isn’t too far away, we’re optimistic about this one.

samsung hinged phone

Apple slashes iPhone battery prices so users can speed up phones

Recent revelations that iPhones are designed to slow down as the battery degrades to preserve battery life has caused Apple to cut prices on replacement batteries for users.

Originally replacing the battery could set you back £79 now it looks likely that they could be offered for under £30. We expect this to become hugely popular as it could make your iPhone run like new again.

That’s all our mobile news for this week, but check back for more news and updates on everything mobile.