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Hello and welcome back to our mobile news at The Hub! This week we’re investigating the rumours that Apples is working on updated AirPods for 2018, and looking into how 5G just took a massive step towards hitting our phones.

We’re also checking out the rumours that Samsung’s Galaxy S9 could be revealed in February 2018, finding out why the Galaxy X isn’t as close to development as we thought, and how Google is making all Android apps switch over to 64-bit.

Samsung Galaxy S9 could be announced in February

A new report by Korean site The Bell has suggested Samsung could be launching the S9 in February at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 show. This comes from a leaked document that is unverified so we’re being cautiously optimistic about this.

This rumour seems likely as Samsung has a long history of announcing flagship phones at the MWC and would likely want an early release to compete with the iPhone X.

Apple plans new AirPods for 2018

Apples wireless headphones, the AirPods, have been wildly popular and according to sources are getting an upgrade in 2018. This comes from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who is famous for his accurate Apple predictions.

These EarPods became incredibly popular as they were so easy to pair with devices and the audio almost never drops. We’re very excited to see what upgrades Apple is going to bring next.


Samsung Galaxy X launch looks less likely

An official Samsung press release has refuted claims that linked a leaked upcoming phone with the long-rumoured Galaxy X foldable phone. Samsung has said that the model is actually an LTE device built for professionals and the rumours falsely linked the model number to the Galaxy X.

This means that they are not as close to the development as previously thought. A recent patent for a foldable phone that works like the Nintendo DS, being rigid with a hinge, has been filed which could well be the foldable phone Samsung has been referencing.

5G industry standards agreed as trial breaks new ground

A landmark agreement between a large number of major tech firms including Huawei, Intel, and Samsung as well as international carriers, has defined industry specifications for 5G. This is a huge jump forward that should hopefully see 5G getting to our phones much sooner.

This has come as a new trial at King’s College London successfully demonstrated 5G tech that worked independently of existing 4G technology for the first time.

Black rotary know with yellow glowing LEDs turned to 5G

All Android apps to move to 64-bit by Aug 2019

Google has announced that they intend to get rid of all non-64-bit apps, and they are giving developers until August 2019 to switch over. This is designed to make sure that all apps will be compatible with future Android versions that may not support other frameworks.

Apple ended support for 32-bit apps back in September so this is something developers should be prepared for and hopefully we won’t lose any of our favourite apps!

That’s everything for this week. Remember to check back in next time to get your weekly dose of mobile industry news and updates!

Mobile Phone News