Mobile news: what happened this week?

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It’s time for another week’s mobile news at The Hub with all your industry updates and rumours. This week, we’re looking at Samsung’s new patent for a wrap-around smartphone screen, the leaked renders for their Galaxy S9, and the news that their Galaxy A8 will be getting dual front cameras.

We’re also investigating Apple’s new app pre-order features, and how they have acquired Shazam the popular music recognition app maker, as well as seeing how the upcoming Google Maps update could improve public transport.

Samsung patents new wrap-around screen

It’s been released that Samsung has filed a patent for a smartphone that features a screen that wraps all the way around to the back of the phone. While the patent was filed last year it has only just been published and we have yet to hear any rumours that it is in the works.

As the screen only appears to go halfway around the back of the phone, we’re not yet sure what the intent of the design is but we’re excited to see what Samsung could be bringing us!

samsung wrap around

Google Maps to get update for public transport

Google Maps is about to get an update that is sure to be incredibly useful for anyone using public transport. The new update will be able to tell you when you are about to reach your stop on both buses and trains – which means no more staring at your phone trying to guess whether this is your stop or not.

This will bring public transport much closer to the driving or walking modes which give step by step instructions. There’s no word yet on when the update will arrive only that it is coming soon.

Samsung S9 leaked render and schematics

A 360° render and schematics have been leaked for the upcoming Galaxy S9 showing that it will be slightly smaller than the S8 due to reduced bezels. The schematics and render show a single lens camera, which boosts previous rumours that only the S9 Plus will get the dual camera, and a rear fingerprint scanner.

Interestingly, Synaptics has sparked rumours that Samsung will be using their “world’s first in-display fingerprint sensor” as their press release said it is to be used with a top five phone manufacturer and that it is ideal for “bezel-free OLED infinity displays”.

Apple launches app pre-orders

Apple has launched a new service that allows apps to be pre-ordered as early as 90 days before launch. This means that keen users can see upcoming apps well before launch and get them automatically downloaded on release day.

You also won’t have to pay for your purchase until it gets officially released, so if it gets cancelled you wouldn’t pay a penny. We can see this being very popular for game apps.

Samsung Galaxy A8 to get dual front cameras

The manual for the as yet un-announced Galaxy A8 was accidentally uploaded to Samsung’s website revealing a dual front-facing camera. It’s been rare to see dual front-facing cameras on smartphones but with Samsung’s Live Focus mode, and Apples Portrait mode we can see this becoming the norm in years come.

This phone is not the same as the A8 that was released in China a few years ago, so we may see the name change before the official unveiling.

Apple buys Shazam – music recognition app makers

Apple has confirmed that they have acquired Shazam, the company best known for their music recognition app that lets users identify songs. We expect Apple to integrate Shazam’s expertise into Apple Music but also use their augmented reality (AR) technology in their upcoming phones.

Shazam has the ability to scan real-world objects and generate branded AR content and this would fit perfectly into Apple’s recent push into AR. We’re definitely excited to see what will come out of this.

That’s it for our mobile news this week. Check back next time for more great news and updates from the mobile industry.

Mobile Phone News