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It’s mobile news time again at The Hub and we’re excited to bring you all of this week’s industry news! Today, we take a look at how Android phones could be copying key iPhone X features in 2018 as well as taking a quick peek at the three new iPhones rumoured to be released next year.

We’re also investigating the new Android Go operating system, seeing what Android 8.1 has in store as it starts its rollout, and looking at how Google has optimised it’s Gmail app especially for the iPhone X.

Android phones set to copy iPhone X in 2018

The Snapdragon 845 chipset is set to be key in 2018 Android smartphones, and its makers are building in support for features that caused the iPhone X to make such a splash. Qualcomm has added support for an Android version of Apple’s TrueDepth front-facing camera that should allow for deep portrait selfies and Face ID.

These features start at the chip level, seeing this from Qualcomm hugely increases the possibility we’ll see these features on next years Androids – especially as their 835 chipset was at the core of almost all major Android smartphones this year.

face id

Three new iPhones to be released next year

According to supply chain sources and respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will be releasing three new iPhones in 2018 targeting all areas of the market. Alongside the expected updated iPhone X and an impressive 6.5 inch iPhone X Plus, Apple is gearing up to release a new and affordable LCD screen model.

All the phones are expected to follow the same design as the iPhone X with the changes being to internal components. There are also rumours that Apple will be offering a 512GB version of the two high-end phones.

Google announces Android Go for budget smartphones

Google has announced the launch of Android Go, a stripped down and lighter version of Android designed especially for budget smartphones that are low on RAM or processing power.

Sometimes cheaper smartphones have struggled running full versions of Android giving a less optimal performance. This development is fantastic for budget smartphones as they should now be able to get that sleek and impressive performance that currently reserved for higher-end phones.

Android 8.1 begins rollout

Android 8.1 has already started arriving on Google devices bringing updates and patches. The new update looks like it will be fantastic for Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL users, enabling Pixel Visual Core which should make HDR processing five times faster and drain less battery power.

The update will also bring security patches, bug fixes, and a new Neural Networks API that should speed up on-device machine intelligence. This means that even if you’re not on the latest Google device it should be a great update for your phone.

Gmail gets optimised for iPhone X

The Gmail app has been optimised for the iPhone X one month after the smartphone hit the shelves. This new update allows for a full-screen experience that better suits the new iPhone design and gives a better user experience.

The app also now allows users to add non-Google email accounts, a feature that has been a key part of its success on Andriod. This app is hugely popular a and these new features for the iPhone X should see it becoming even more widespread.

That’s all for this week’s mobile news at The Hub. Check back in next week for more news and updates on everything that is happening in the world of mobiles.

Mobile Phone News