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Welcome to this week’s mobile news at The Hub! This week we’re looking at the rollout of Apple Pay Cash, the new NHS GP video chat app, and how Apple is working on fixes for the iPhone X bugs. We’re also checking out the new rumours for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and investigating the successful 5G trial from Japan.

Apple Pay Cash

Apple has started the rollout of their Apple Pay Cash service that allows peer-to-peer payment. The feature will allow users to send money to each other through their Messages app.

While this feature is currently only available on the iOS 11.2 public beta, we expect that it will prove hugely popular and will be rolled out to most iPhones in the near future.

This sort of payment method is incredibly convenient and by removing the need for users to install a dedicated app we’re hoping that this will cause the technology to really take off.

NHS launches GP at Hand for 24/7 video chat with doctors

After a successful trial in Hammersmith and Fulham, the NHS is rolling out this 24hr service to the whole of London. The app will allow you to set up an appointment with a GP within two hours where you can discuss your symptoms and have prescriptions sent directly to your pharmacy.

Provided by digital healthcare service Babylon, and paid for by the NHS, this service could be the start of a healthcare revolution driven by mobiles.

doctor chat

Apple working on screen fixes for iPhone X

Apple has announced that they are working on a software fix for the iPhone X screen temporarily seizing up when it gets too cold too quickly. This comes after the iPhone X also came under criticism for having screen ‘burn-in’ where afterimages are left on the screen after viewing an image for too long – this is a known problem for OLED screens.

In better news, DisplayMate has said that the iPhone X has “the best smartphone display” having “consistent, all-round, top-tier display performance” and DxOMark has crowned the phone as the best for photos – reaching the highest score for stills ever.

New Samsung Galaxy S9 rumours

Sadly, it looks like the rumours that the S9 will have an under-screen fingerprint scanner won’t be coming true, but it still could be returning to the front of the phone. We’ve heard that it will be getting the new Snapdragon 845 chipset, so we expect great performance even though it may only have 4GB of RAM.

We’re expecting that the Galaxy S9 will be retailing at the same price as the S8, at around £640, and will support modular accessories.


Successful 5G trial streams 4K video into car

A new trial in Japan has successfully streamed high-quality video into a moving car. The trial demonstrated speeds of up to 1Gbps while the car was travelling at 30km/h.

This is a fantastic indicator of things to come and how far mobile streaming could go. However, it should be noted that this trial used bulky equipment with an onboard antenna head – so it might be a little while yet before we start seeing this tech in our phones.

That’s all for this week’s mobile news, check back in next week for more great news and updates!

Mobile Phone News