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Hello and welcome to another fantastic edition of mobile news at The Hub! This week we’re bringing you the new rumours for the Samsung Galaxy S9, the news that Nokia is upgrading to Android Oreo, and that Apple has finally confirmed the iPhone 8 launch. Also, discover the rumours that Apple is planning to upgrade their phone camera beyond 12MP in 2018 and the breakthrough in self-destructing electronics that could be the ultimate in data security.

Rumours spark about Samsung Galaxy S9

Though the Galaxy S8 only hit stores earlier this year we’ve already started hearing rumours that Samsung has started the first stages of production on the Galaxy S9. While we can expect the S9 to be officially announced in March 2018 – roughly a year after the S8 announcement – it’s still too early to confirm with any certainty.

We’ve heard that they will be upgrading to the Snapdragon 845 chipset from the 835, as well as upgrading the battery life. There are also rumours of support for Samsung’s new LTE modems which could support a theoretical download speed of 1.2Gbps – if this is true then it would be a massive game-changer for mobile internet.

iPhone 8 launch day confirmed

Apple has confirmed that they will be launching their 10th anniversary phone on the 12 September at the Steve Jobs Theatre. Though they still haven’t confirmed the name, some sources are betting on the iPhone X or the iPhone Edition over the iPhone 8.

We’ve been hearing consistent rumours of a delayed or limited release due to supply problems with their new AMOLED display and we’re also hearing rumours of a new colour called ‘Blush Gold’ to replace the Rose Gold. The new colour is expected to be in addition to the usual black and grey models.

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Nokia set to add Oreo to all new phones

HMD Global, Chief Product Officer, Juho Sarvikas, has confirmed that all the Nokia smartphones will be upgrading to Android Oreo, including the Nokia 3 and 5. There is no word yet on when this update will be implemented but we can expect there to be a little bit of a wait as it has yet to even reach Google’s Pixel yet. We do expect to see the Oreo rolled out before the end of the year and some people believe we will start seeing it by the end of September.

Self-destructing electronics may one day be the ultimate security

A joint team of US and Chinese researchers have developed self-destructing circuits that could one day be used as the ultimate data protection. They are designed to degrade, and even possibly disappear altogether, and this is only triggered when they are exposed to moisture in the air.

These electronics are able to function well when not exposed to humidity so this could be a new way to dispose of outdated electronics. If our phones were made of these materials they could be set to degrade before they even reached the landfill.

Apple set to boost camera beyond 12MP

New rumours have surfaced suggesting that Apple is getting ready to boost their smartphone cameras above the 12MP mark that is today’s standard. While we don’t expect to see this until 2018, and the next iteration of the iPhone after the iPhone 8, it is definitely something to get excited about.

The rumour is that Apple has taken up the entire capacity of a new component factory in Taiwan to build new higher-resolution lens modules and according to Digitimes the new camera units will start production in October.

That’s all for mobile news, check back the same time next week for our round up!

Mobile Phone News