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Welcome back to another round-up of this week’s mobile news! This edition features the latest on Samsung Galaxy S8 facial recognition technology and new details about a potential third Google phone set to be released this year. Plus, we look at exciting new wireless technology from Sony.

 Samsung Galaxy S8 to feature facial recognition technology

Samsung will reportedly include a facial recognition feature on the Galaxy S8 to verify mobile payments. This new feature will enable users to access Samsung Pay and additional financial apps, as Samsung is working with banks to help them embrace this technology.

Facial recognition may not be available when the phone is launched, but it is set to be added sometime shortly thereafter.

Nokia 3310 details

If you’ve been dying to get your hands on the new Nokia 3310, you may have to hold out a bit longer as it’s expected to be released in May.

The highly anticipated phone will feature a similar shape to its classic predecessor, with a larger 2.4-inch full colour display. The 3310 will be available in four shades: dark blue, red, grey, and yellow, and it’s rumoured to be priced under £50.

Google rumoured to release a third phone this year

According to recent reports, Google is currently working on three devices – two of which are the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL.  However, little is known about the mysterious third phone, which is codenamed ‘taimen.’

Taimen is a large fish, which may hint at a new device that will be larger than the Pixel XL.

Apart from the codename, no further details have been revealed, so it’s unclear whether ‘taimen’ will be released as a completely new phone or a larger version of the Google Pixel 2.

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Sony patents technology for wireless charging between devices

Sony is reportedly developing new technology that would allow users to ‘share’ battery power between devices. Much like searching for a Wi-Fi hotspot, this new technology would locate nearby devices so you could top-up your phone battery from another person’s device.

The patent describes an antenna system, which enables devices to transfer power over short distances. However, this technology would only allow a phone to send power wirelessly while plugged in, so you wouldn’t be able to ‘steal’ from another device on battery power.

The latest HTC 11 rumours

A recent post on HTC’s Facebook page suggests an announcement for the launch of the HTC 11 may take place on 20th March. The vague post shows a photo which says ‘spring is coming’, alongside 20th March and text which translates to read ‘HTC will give you an unexpected surprise.’

It also looks as though the new flagship device could be released under a different name. HTC’s Chief Financial Officer, Chialin Chang, recently confirmed there won’t be a phone called HTC 11.

That’s all the mobile news we’ve got for you this week – join us again next Friday for all the latest updates from Tesco Mobile!

Mobile Phone News