Mobile news: what happened this week?

Mobile Phone News

Prepare yourself – it’s been quite a week for smartphones, with one certain nostalgic app taking the world by storm, a new budget Motorola handset being announced, diverse emojis and rumblings about a secretive Apple laboratory in France. Get the latest scoop and read on to discover all the latest and great mobile news from the world of technology.

Pokemon GO captures the UK

In a nostalgic turn that has certain mobile users reliving their childhood, the game Pokemon GO has been making headlines for a few weeks now. Taking the concept of the TV show and card game that became a phenomenon in the 1990s, this free app makes the game into something approaching reality.

Whilst the old games involved players travelling fictional worlds to capture cute little creatures, Pokemon GO unleashes the Pokemon in the real world. Users are rewarded for how far they travel, as the creatures are scattered through parks and streets, visible through a mobile phone camera. It’s already the most popular mobile phone game ever in the USA, but on 14 July it was finally released in the UK on both iOS and Android, and has already been furiously downloaded. Look out for Pokemon hunters near you!

Motorola Moto E3 makes an entrance

The Motorola Moto E3 was announced officially this week, an addition to the Moto E line that is favoured for good quality phones at a reasonable price. It’s due to be released officially in early September and on average, will cost your wallet just £99.

For that price, users will get a sleek design that is available in black or white. The Moto E3 is a slimmer model than others in the Moto E range and weighs just 140g to sit lightly in hand. For those who are slightly accident prone, it’s resistant to splashes and can store up to 1GB of RAM. As a budget smartphone with all those essential features, it’s sure to be a popular choice as an everyday handset.

The emoji family is growing again

We can’t get enough of those adorable emojis and their numbers continue to grow as a few more join the collection. These new additions were proposed by Google and are intended to increase representation of both men and women in the emoji list.

They’re designed to show people dressed for a range of modern job roles, from farmers to mechanics and teachers, and can be found with both genders and a range of skin tones available. Old classics have also been given a makeover, with emojis previously only available in one gender, now featuring both. Try these new emojis today and enjoy the option to express yourself in exactly the way you want.

A mysterious new Apple lab appears

There’s an aura of mystery around a new Apple research lab in France, as mobile news bloggers are trying to uncover just what the lab’s team of 30 engineers will be working on in secret. The latest rumour is that this team could be there to focus on a revolutionary new feature for future iPhones.

So what is this feature? It’s likely to be projector camera technology, an exciting new concept that could project your apps onto surfaces and walls in your home. Not only that but full gesture support could be an option, turning projections into handy touch screens of their own. Since Apple are rumoured to be working with engineers from STMicroelectronics, who have been known for their experiments in projector technology, this seems like a plausible rumour that could be coming to an iPhone near you in the future.

That’s all from the Tesco Mobile team on this week’s top mobile news – we’ll have more updates for you next Friday!

Mobile Phone News