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It’s been a week of wild speculation in the tech world. With rumours running high around Blackberry, Samsung and Apple, what can we expect to witness over the coming months? Autumn is always a big time for new releases, so it’s no wonder we’re now becoming privy to the latest hearsay in mobile trends. Find out what’s been going on and what you can expect from the top smartphone brands over the coming months.

BlackBerry say goodbye to the Classic

If you’re a fan of the tactile keyboard you might have been worried earlier this week when BlackBerry announced the discontinuation of the Classic model. We’ve suspected for a while that the big brand are losing popularity, as tech users favour fewer buttons and better touch screen technology.

However, after QWERTY enthusiasts began to mourn the end of the keyboard, BlackBerry spoke out tweeting “In response to some recent press reports, I want to be clear that BlackBerry users have nothing to fear – the keyboard is here to stay.” So what can we expect from the smartphone innovators, a more stream-line approach to keyboards or a smart phone game changer? Watch this space for latest news in BlackBerry developments.

Apple finally introduce more storage

16GB isn’t very much storage when you consider all the apps, music and photos we want to access on a day-to-day basis. Finally, we can expect to see some improvements in the basic storage allowance with the iPhone 7 – users will have access to a much more realistic baseline with 32GB of space.
The newest Apple device is expected to launch in mid-September and is sure to make waves. With the rumoured removal of the headphone jack, we’re expecting an even thinner, sleeker design from the leading smart phone manufacturers.

Get ahead of the game: iOS 10 Public Beta

If you can’t wait for the official launch of the newest operating system from Apple then you can download iOS 10 Public Beta ahead of time and discover its newest features. The new operating system is said to be similar to the previous update, but with a few nuanced differences, such as a more responsive Siri who will interact with third-party apps. There’s also a smart raise to wake feature which means no more jabbing at the power button in the middle of the night.

As with all new downloads, you might want to steer clear of using it on your primary Apple device as it’s expected to still contain a few bugs which will be ironed out ahead of the official launch (expected in the autumn alongside the iPhone 7). If you’re curious to try the latest iOS on your smartphone or tablet then we recommend you follow Apple’s advice and fully back up before you download.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 release date

We might be able to see the latest Note model on our shelves sooner rather than later – expect the shiny new smartphone early next month ahead of the release of iPhone 7. Curiously, Samsung are skipping the Note 6 and moving straight to 7 – perhaps to be in line with Apple’s launch, or maybe there is another reason for the jump in chronology. Either way, we’re eager to witness the launch of the suspected iris scanner on top of all the regular improvements like waterproofing, higher performance and an improved camera.

That’s all from the Tesco Mobile team on this week’s top mobile news – we’ll have more updates for you next Friday!

Mobile Phone News