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It’s been a busy week for mobile technology news with developments from Apple’s WWDC in San Francisco still being analysed daily for new features and plans. But it hasn’t been all about Apple, as we welcome in 72 new exciting emojis, a fun vintage-inspired smartphone case for gamers and intriguing new options for Facebook Messenger. Without further ado, here’s the mobile news you might have missed this week…

Say goodbye to unwanted Apple apps

The much-anticipated iOS 10 was announced at Apple WWDC 2016 and is due to arrive in the Autumn of 2016. A popular new development for users has particularly caused a stir in the last week though- finally we’ll be able to delete those pesky built-in apps that most of us don’t use. It’s time to say goodbye to Compass, Stocks, Find My Friends… the list goes on and we couldn’t be happier about it. What is less known, however, is that deleting them won’t actually scrub them from the binary, as they are embedded in the system. Still, it’ll be an effective way to bust the clutter!

72 new emojis make their debut

That’s right, soon you’ll be able to expand your emoji conversations with 72 new versions from the official emoji regulators. Moving on from the classics, these new emojis are definitely unusual- for food, the list includes a kiwi fruit, shrimp and a stack of pancakes. The animal newbies can count a duck, eagle and a shark among their numbers and for humans, the crowd includes a pregnant lady, a smiley cowboy and a strangely adorable clown. They should be making their way to our phones soon, having been available to phone manufacturers for inclusion in new releases since June 21.

Apple planning a ‘wrap-around’ screen

Spinning a mobile phone around could replace the classic swipe motion with the news that Apple have officially filed a patent for a ‘wrap around’ iPhone screen design. Made out of glass or plastic, the screen would allow for the display to operate all around the phone for a continuous loop of images. It’s an ambitious plan and continues on from the impressive Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, which extended the screen to along the sides of the device. Despite the fact that a patent is not a promise, the mobile phone industry is clearly keen to expand screen size and this decision by Apple is a very exciting sign indeed.

SMS to work with Facebook Messenger

With over 900 million users worldwide, Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular messaging apps out there and it’s set for an update. With change comes a new feature that is currently only available for Android, which allows you to choose to use the Messenger app to send and receive SMS. No more logging out of one app to use your phone features – this is a victory for multi-tasking! However, it should be noted that texts and data will still be billed as normal and if you find that you’d prefer to keep Messenger and texting separate, this feature is voluntary and can be disabled at any point.

From mobile phone to vintage console

E3, the biggest video game conference of the year took place last week and an exciting new product appeared that is sure to interest nostalgic smartphone users. Company Hyperkin have created an Android phone case that transforms a smartphone into a handheld Game Boy console. Known as the Smart Boy, it has an estimated release of December 2016 and features all the classic buttons as well as a game cartridge pocket. Interesting, it was originally created as a prank at E3 in 2015 but once the phone case was revealed as a fake, the reaction was one of such disappointment that it was turned into a bona fide business idea.

That’s our mobile news for another week done and dusted! Be sure to come back next Friday for the latest updates from the world of mobile technology.

Mobile Phone News