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It’s that time again! Time to get your weekly dose of mobile news from The Hub. This week we’re checking out the rumours that Samsung is adding a rear display as well as looking into the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 rumours and leaks.

We are also investigating Apple’s new iPhone feature that could help save lives, Motorola’s new patent that solves a key foldable smartphone issue, and we look into Google’s new media apps that are available in the UK.

Samsung could be adding a rear display to their phones

A newly uncovered patent by Samsung shows a device with that features not only a full-screen display on the front but also a small additional screen on the rear. While this is still very much just a possibility, we could easily envision this small screen being used to pop up information and alerts when the phone is facedown – something we could see being very popular.

While we wouldn’t expect to see this on any new releases, we believe that this is something that Samsung is seriously considering and are excited to see it appear sometime in the future.

Samsung Rear Screen

American iPhones to automatically share location when calling 911

iPhones in America have implemented a new feature that will share the phone’s location with emergency services when they are called. While currently only a feature in America we think this will be highly successful and lead to more manufacturers implementing similar features worldwide.

We can easily envision this device speeding up response times and saving lives so think that it could be hugely popular.

Motorola files patent that could solve foldable phone issue

It’s just been uncovered that Motorola has filed a patent for a technology that could solve one of the large issues with foldable phones: creases.

Anything that is regularly folded can form natural creases, but the new patent is for devices that detect when the device is laid flat and activates and heating element in the hinge. This heating allows the screen to deform and, voila, no more creases! It’s like ironing, but for a phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to have 512GB storage, 4000mAh battery and come in new colour

There have been a number of new rumours and leaks around the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 this week. We have heard from industry insiders that the Korean company is planning to release a version of the phone with a massive 512GB of storage and with a larger battery at 4000mhA.

We’ve also heard that the new phone will have reduced bezels for a larger screen-to-body ratio, and will be available in a new colour called ‘Sunrise Gold’.

Google launches new podcast app as YouTube Music & YouTube Premium hit UK

Google has launched a new app for Android that is designed to find shows that you like so you never run out of things to listen to. The app uses complex algorithms which monitor your listening to determine what you like so that it can offer similar programmes for you.

This has arrived just as YouTube Music & YouTube Premium finally hit the UK in Google’s answer to Spotify and Netflix. These offer long sought-after features such as ads free music streaming, streaming in the background, and access to the YouTube original TV shows and movies.

Did you enjoy this week’s mobile news? Don’t forget to check in next week for all of your mobile industry rumours and updates!

Mobile Phone News